I’m Asari (Episode 5): The Story of Three

The story of my life. This pot of beans life. I don’t even know where to begin telling you guys this story. I am still dazed and confused like I can’t even believe what just happened. Everything seemed so perfect until this fucking Abdul guy appeared. Alright, let me get to the story.

Last night Max and I went to have dinner at Metro café. The moment we walked in, who did I see? Abdul. I hate to say this but the moment I saw him, my heart skipped a beat and everything that I was trying to forget about him flooded back to my mind. He saw me and acted like he didn’t know me, so me too I was like, “I don’t know you”.

He was with a male friend; they looked like they were discussing business. It was very hard not to look in his direction and every time I did, I thought that I was going to catch him stealing a glance but nope. He never looked my way, not even once. At some point, I thought he didn’t recognize me but it’s only been a week. Could he just forget about me that quickly? Am I a forgettable person? No, I am not.

Anyway, I did my best to forget about him and focus on Max, my handsome Max, who was trying so hard to impress me. He ordered everything he thought I wanted including a bottle of wine which I almost finished. I managed not to finish it so that he wouldn’t think that I am an alcoholic.

“Asari, are you okay?” I heard him say. I looked at him and saw how concerned he was. I was touched

“I’m good. Why do you ask?”

“You seem a bit distracted. Is there something on your mind?”

“Of course there is. This stupid boy who thinks he is all that is on my mind” I thought but I smiled and touched his hand gently.

“You are so caring,” I said trying to change the topic

I excused myself to go to the restroom. I just needed to metaphorically slap some sense into myself and shake away what I was feeling about Abdul’s behavior.

If you asked me why this guy was occupying so much of my mental space, I had no answer. His friend was gone by now, so he just sat there sipping on a glass of whiskey. He looked unperturbed and relaxed as if the world belonged to him. He is not the most good-looking guy but he sure is the most confident. The most confident that I have ever met.

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“Asari!” Max tapped the table to get my attention.

“What is it?” I snapped

“We are supposed to be having a lovely dinner but you keep tuning me out”

“I’m sorry; I just have a slight headache?”

“So sorry. Do you want us to leave?”

“No, of course not. I like being here with you. It will pass” I sipped out of my glass of wine

“Should you be drinking that? Wouldn’t it make your headache worse?”

Before I could answer, his phone rang.

“This is work. Please, I have to take this” He went outside to take his call.

I prayed for Max to come back quick because the temptation to go to Abdul’s table was real. I fondled my phone, gulped more wine and did everything to avoid looking in his direction. Only God knows what made me raise my head up and our eyes met.

“This is it,” I thought “He is going to come over to my table and say hi” But he didn’t. He turned his face away without waving or nodding or even recognizing that I am someone who deserves a greeting.

My stomach sank and I immediately knew that he was upset with me. Why? I didn’t know but I was going to find out. I had already apologized to him about being rude in the restroom the other day, so I really didn’t know why he was upset. Was it because I didn’t go to have lunch with him? But I had work to do, it would have been very unprofessional of me. Why is this even bothering me when I should be happy about it? I should be happy that he is not even talking to me. I should be happy that he is not chasing me because the truth is that I don’t want him. He is not my type.

Just as Max came back, Abdul stood up to leave. He walked towards our table and it made me nervous but he didn’t stop to say hi; he walked past us straight to the exit.

“Do you want to follow him?” Max said referring to Abdul. I could see that he was already annoyed.

“What’s that supposed to mean? I said already defensive

“You’ve been staring at that guy ever since we got here. Do you know him?”

“No… I mean, yes…. Not really…. He is a customer at the bank… I mean the customer’s son”

Max looked at me intently as if he was looking for something in my face. It made me nervous.

“You just gave me five answers. Which is the truth?”

“I’m saying the truth. He is the son of a customer at the bank”

He leaned in and replied “I don’t believe you”

“If you don’t believe me, that’s on you. I have nothing to say”

“You have nothing to say?”

“I absolutely don’t” I was annoyed

“First you say that you aren’t seeing anyone, then there’s this guy you are seeing. Now this guy, first you say you don’t know him but you do and I’m pretty damn sure something is up with you two because you’ve been looking at him all night”.

“That’s ridiculous. Please don’t project your insecurities on me. Besides, I don’t appreciate you hounding me as if we are in a relationship. We are not exclusive so I am still allowed to see other people as you are”.

I could see that my words really hurt him but I wanted to win this argument no matter what.

“True story. We are not exclusive. I’m sure you can find your way home alone” he left.

I wanted to call him back but it was as if my mouth was glued shut, so I let him go.

On my way home I kept asking myself how an evening that I looked forward to turned into a nightmare. I thought about calling Ashezi to tell her the story of my life but I just decided to let her sleep.

I paid the Uber driver and dragged my tired self out of the car just to meet the presence of Tobe in front of my house. I didn’t know what to feel at that moment, because I wasn’t sure why he was paying me a surprise visit. He knows I hate surprise visits.

“I’m sorry that I came here without calling you first” He apologized before I reached him “I just needed to see you tonight. I’ve been calling you but you’ve been ignoring my calls”.

I sat down on the pavement to catch my breath and he followed

“Are you ignoring me because of the new guy? I thought you still wanted to be a free bird?”

I looked at him trying to understand where all this urgent interest in Asari was coming from “We are not officially dating”, I managed to reply

“Then what’s the matter? Why have you been ignoring my calls?”

“You know the thing about you Tobe?”

“What is it about me?”

“Every time I give you extra attention and show you how I feel about you, you withdraw from me but whenever I decide to give up on us you show up, tell me story after story to pull me back in again. Your presence here proves it”.

“I understand why you would say that. But I’m here now… I came back from my journey and came straight here. Doesn’t that count for something?”

“Look, I can’t keep doing this cycle with you. It’s either you stay and show me that you are worth me giving up other guys for or you leave and forget about me for good. What’s it going to be, Tobe?”

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