Presentation Day

Presentation Day (Episode 20): Let Anderson Live

11:00 pm

“Please just let me go, I will give you everything you want” Anderson begged “yes you will” Tony replied. He made a few calls and gave Anderson an account number that Anderson could transfer money into. “How much do you want?” He asked “I am not greedy, two hundred million” he replied.

Anderson wanted to protest but he looked at his bleeding leg and made the transfer. Little did he know that the money he sent to Tony was to help Tony getaway; Tony was going to use the money to buy bitcoins and leave the country that night. Whether Anderson was dead or alive, he knew that he was not going to go scot free.

Tony turned to Mr. Henry “you never asked me why I asked you to come here” “to take care of this murderfucker” he replied with confidence as he nibbled on an apple “wrong” Tony announced and shot Mr. Henry in the head causing Anderson to scream and cry like a baby.

“Please, I have a family… if two hundred million is not enough. I will add more for you” “two hundred million is enough. Do you have a daughter?” Tony asked with a sinister smile “yes I do” he answered quickly “if you do as I say, you will live to see her get married… understand?” “yes… yes yes yes” .

Tony put the gun a few inches away from Anderson “I’m going to leave this here and call the police, when they come you tell them that you killed Mr. Henry in self-defence because he hand cuffed you here and tried to kill you. And when they ask you how you got the gun from him, you tell them that you always kept a gun here…” he pointed at the bottom of the table Anderson was handcuffed under.

Tony reached into his pocket and brought out another gun, he laughed at Anderson’s surprised face “yes I have always had my own gun… didn’t want to waste my bullet” he put the gun where he kept Anderson’s gun and stood up.

“Do you understand everything I said?” “Yes” Anderson replied doing his best not to glance at the gun Tony kept few inches away from him. Tony called the police and Anderson told them exactly what he was told to tell them over the phone. “We are on our way sir… hand on” the phone operator said and Tony cut the phone “piss out” he said as he walked towards the door.

But before he could open it, he heard a gunshot… it was Anderson shooting at him; he had grabbed the gun and in acting swiftly Tony shot and killed Anderson instantly.

“Shit!” Tony explained “I should have known this guy could not be trusted” he could hear the police siren from afar off. They were too close for him to run away but far away for him to find somewhere safe in the building to hide.

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