Kuje Jailbreak: Anonymous Reveals Abba Kyari’s Hideout

Less than 24 hours after the jailbreak in the Kuje correctional facility where several hardened criminals in the country were kept, reports have it that only 30 inmates are left in the prison after the incident.

The likes of former super cop Abba Kyari and other prominent figures in the country were all in the prison before the incident but after the Kuje jailbreak, the super cop alongside, former Taraba state governor Jolly Nyaema, former governor of Jos Joshua Dariye have all been declared missing. 

Kuje Jailbreak: Anonymous Reveals Whereabout of Abba Kyari

Reports about the whereabouts of the former super cop have however been revealed by one Anonymous who is known for his concrete and verified information. Anonymous said the super cop is presently in one of the nearby African countries Togo. According to him, he said: “when we talk about the planned prison breakout for Khari, many attacked us, we have failed to understand why you all in that form country Nigeria never learned even after all the Anonymous said keeps happening. Pathetic. Look at the number of people who laughed.“

Kuje Jailbreak: Anonymous Reveals Abba Kyari'S Hideout
Anonymous’ comment after the Kuje jailbreak

“today again! It has been proven. While you continue to doubt Anonymous, your doubts might be cleared in your grave. Mr Khari Abba is currently in a country name Togo. We shall give his exact location soon.“ We are Anonymous 

He heard earlier posted that there have been plans to free the super cop and this action has proven him correct. In his previous comment, he said: “there is na ongoing plan to break out Mr Khari Abba from the prion. Calls were made to a man with the name Yusuf Ahmed, this shall happen in no time. When this happens, it shall be blamed on a group called IPOB, we have no idea what this (IPOB) means but we are watching closely.“

Kuje Jailbreak: Anonymous Reveals Abba Kyari'S Hideout
Anonymous’ comment that predicted the Kuje jailbreak

The federal government has however come out to blame Boko Haram for the jailbreak. It was gathered during the attack the jail-breakers who have been confirmed to be Boko Haram they released about 64 inmates who are side to be their member and then started asking the prison warders where is Abba Kyari? where is Abba Kyari? searching from one cell to another.

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