Abba Kyari Reportedly Escapes Death in Kuje Prison

Abba Kyari, the disgraced Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP, was said to have escaped the cold hands of death in Kuje Prison when he was attacked by inmates who had the intention to kill him.

The reasons given by the criminals that made an attempt on Kyari’s life was that he failed to honour their initial agreement when he was offered bribe to end their cases and set them free.

Although the attack happened early this month but news about the attempt on his life did not get out until recently as this move has prompted the prison officials to consider moving Abba Kyari to the custody of the Department of State Services, DSS.

The inmates who are said to have been arrested for drug-related offenses, attempted to kill Kyari and claimed the former Kyari prosecuted them despite taking bribes from them.

As contained in a publication on the May 26, 2022, a source who is a state investigator and intelligence officer, described Kyari as a “dodgy criminal.”

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