Abba Kyari Alleges Being Bullied in Kuje Prison

Abba Kyari, the dismissed former Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP, has alleged that he is been cajoled to carry out some financial activities without exercising the right to accept or reject the decision.

Kyari, a known drug pusher and disgraced police officer revealed, “I’mkept in a private cell” and was been asked to pay for satellite television subscription for other inmates while spending time in Kuje Prison.

His lawyer Nureini Jimoh, spoke about the unfair treatment of his client in prison, asking the authorities to review the bail application being pushed for a while now.

The lawyer lamented over the kind of environment the former supercop has found himself, stressing that he is being frustrated.

Still utilising the services of his lawyer, Mr Kyari complained about the incarceration at the correctional facility shared with other criminals, majority of whom were arrested by his team during his active years in service.

Some documents obtained by Journalists in Abuja, it posited that the disgraced officer had resorted to doling out cash gifts to inmates and paying cable television bills to avoid being attacked and killed by the vicious criminals he helped put behind bars.

According the the document, the once celebrated super cop said, “In a bid to mitigate the threats to kill the defendants/applicants, the chief warder advised DCP Abba Kyari and other defendants to advance some goodwill to the inmates by funding renewal of the DSTV subscription in all the cells for two months and make some cash donations to all the inmates group leaders as well as the church and mosque. The defendants/applicants complied on 29/03/2022.”

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