Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (299): Apostle Suleman Blows Hot

Apostle Suleman

Egbon: Kai, e look like say Naija government no plan to commot the padlock wey dem carry put for Twitter o, the thing don reach like 2 months o

Mazi: I bin think say some people dey use VPN enter Twitter

Egbon: Hmm, my hand no dey that VPN something o, na risk wey i no wan try o, if you hear the amount of money wey Naija people don loose ontop this Twitter ban ehn 

Mazi: No be lie o, because plenty people dey take the platform do business, some people even dey use am promote their talent

Apostle Suleman Blows Hot

Egbon: Mazi, I hear say na almost 14 Billion naira, Naija people don loose since government ban Twitter, imagine, the same government wey no create job o

Mazi: Ahh, 14 billion naira kwa, e show say money dey ontop social media o, no wonder why Apostle Suleman talk say him go carry one YouTuber go court if him no stop to dey run him mouth 

Egbon: Ehn ehn, wetin the YouTuber do Apostle Suleman?

Update On Abba Kyari

Mazi: The pastor talk say the YouTuber dey try to tarnish him image, say him no go open him eye allow make him dey spoil him name ontop YouTube, and the YouTuber don already talk say some people wey be Apostle Suleman church members of dey threaten him life

Egbon: Na serious matter be this o, you don hear the latest ontop Abba Kyari matter?

Mazi: The last thing wey i hear ontop him matter na when him talk say him only help Hushpuppi collect 8 million naira from somebody wey dey owe him money, say no be say him follow share from the money wey Hsuhpuppi collect through fraud

Egbon: Laugh.. e look like say that man bin dey think say FBI and EFCC na the same thing, him no know say the FBI people no dey yarn dust if dem never do their Assignment well

Mazi: My own be say, we no fit conclude whether true trgue him follow Hushpuppi share the money or not, make we see how the matter go end, but e look like say dem don sack am

Evans Makes U-Turn

Egbon: Mazi, the IGP, na you sack am, dem never sack am o, but dem don suspend am, and even don announce another person wey go replace him, but, e possible make dem still sack am las las

Mazi: Make we dey watch the film dey go, con check the thing wey Evans talk for court o…. Him talk say him no be Kidnapper, say na better businessman him be

Egbon: Imagine, why him no go talk say na businessman him be when our Judicial system go dey do like snail, dey do slow motion, what about the people wey don testify say true true hiom dey kidnap

High Rate Of Crimes In Nigeria

Mazi: Him talk say him no know those people, say him work na business

Egbon: I no blame that man, na our Judicial system dey give him reason to dey yarn Okpata…… Mazi, the way wey crime dey increase everyday for this country get as e be o

Mazi: E look like that because plenty people dey find money by all means, dem wan drive latest cars, dey go club, spend money anyhow

Pidgin News (299): Apostle Suleman Blows Hot

Egbon: Imagine this 25 year old boy for Delta o, dem say him plus one other guy wey don run pai one woman webi 50 years old, commot her eyes plus private part, con sale am 100,000 naira

Mazi: Kai, this woman dey very sad o, no be so dem say this lady wey dey inside this photo kill him boyfriend for Akwa Ibom, carry him new Mercedez Benz run, con still withraw 7 million naira from him account

Egbon: Ahhhhh, why people heart wicked like this, e look like say people no get conscience again o, wo, make i con dey go jare

Mazi: No be lie o, many people conscience don die, make Baba God dey protect us, later now

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