Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (269): Nigerians Drag Aisha Yesufu

Egbon: Naija people no dey waste time to bring out receipt o, dem don drag Aisha Yesufu, even talk say she misyarn

Mazi: Ahh, the same Yesufu wey people dey call better woman when dem do that EndSARS protest?

Egbon: Yes o, she go tweet something ontop Twitter, inside the tweet, she talk say Yemi Osinbajo na dictator, say him no be better person

Mazi: Ohh, Osinbajo wey plenty people dey talk say he try well well, this life sha, nobody fit please human being

Egbon: Na why people con dey drag Aisha Yesufu be that say she don forget the time wey se talk say na Osinbajo dey do well, when Buhari travel go UK

Aisha Yesufu

Mazi: Why Aisha Yesufu con change mouth now, abi she forget wetin she talk before?

NECO Registrar Dies

Egbon: E possible make she don forget, but Mazi, with the way wey dem just dey pai people for this country, the matter don pass be careful o

Mazi: My brother, the thing tire me o, especially, the things wey dey happen for South East, e no sweet my belle at all

Egbon: I see one report on top internet yesterday, the report show say no where dey safe for Naija again

Mazi: Ahh, this matter get as e be o, to even open Newspaper dey do my body one kain, na killings just full everywhere

Egbon: O ga, very serious, you hear say NECO Oga self don pai?

Mazi: I never hear that wan o, wetin kill am?

Egbon: E never too clear like that, the report wey i read talk say na Assasin pai the man

Mazi: Ahhh, Assasin kwa, just like that?

Egbon: But later, i con read another report wey talk say the family member of the NECO Oga say him body no well before, say na heart attack kill the man

WHO Announces COVID-Alpha

Mazi: Na wa oh, make Baba God dey protect us o, ehn, everywhere people just dey die like chicken

Egbon: The number of people wey don pai for this year alone for this country no be small o, and the federal government still dey take the matter like politics

Mazi: Nobody suppose dey take politics eyes look this matter wey dey ground o, i even dey read say World Health Organization, WHO talk something

Egbon: Me self hear am, dem say COVID-19 don get like 4 type like this o

Mazi: The wan wey dey ground we never finish am, make this people dey calm down o

Egbon: Dem say the name na COVID-Alpha, COVID-Gama, COVID-Betta, COVID-Delta

Governor Mattawale Suspends Emir

Mazi: This time around, make everybody just dey careful, because, e look like say the COVID palava never finish

Egbon: My own be say make everybody dey careful, Mazi, con see why i talk say na big big people get hand inside bandits matter for this country

Mazi: Abeg show me make i see o, dem don arrest any big person wey dey behind the thing?

Egbon: Dem say Zamfara state Governor, Mattawale suspend Emir of Dansadau plus another district head for the state

Mazi: Ohhh, wetin be their offence?

Egbon: E look like say dem get hand inside bandits matter, so the governor talk say make dem commot first, make dem fit do investigation

Mazi: Hmmm, e make sense like that, na one by one Baba God go dey show their face

50-Year-Old Defiles 3 Years Old

Pidgin News (269): Nigerians Drag Aisha Yesufu

Egbon: Amen oo, some men just dey useless sha, see this 50 year old man wey dem arrest say him rape 2 small girls, 3 years and 5 years old o

Mazi: Government suppose take this matter serious, make dem dey give anybody wey dey do this kind thing better punishment

Egbon: I don dey talk am before, if to say government dey Pai these people, the thing for don reduce since, some people no just get shame and government suppose take the matter serious

Mazi: I no just understand the thing wey the people dey enjoy for small small girl body

Egbon: No be only men dey do that kind thing o, some women wey no get shame self dey do am, for example, dem say e get one 44 year old woman wey dey do plo plo with small small boys for Alabama

Mazi: Na wa oh, I hope say dem don arrest her

Egbon: I hear say she later kill herself after dem arrest her say she do plo plo with boys wey be 16 and 17 years

Mazi: Odikwa serious o, make i con dey go my shop

Egbon: Ok, take care now

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