Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (267): Southern Governors Expose Garba Shehu

Southern Governors Expose Garba Shehu

Mazi: Wait o, i no understand this argument between southern governors and the presidency o, the matter pass the wan wey dey ground

Egbon: My brother, e look like say the matter pass the wan wey we dey hear and read ontop Newspaper o

Mazi: Ah, but, this Open Grazing matter no suppose hard reach this wan now

Egbon: Abi now, but, e look like say some people for inside the Presidency get agenda wey no dey open to Naija people, if no be so, the matter no suppose long like this

Mazi: Which wan you dey talk again now, which wan be say Presidency get agenda wey no dey open

Southern Governors

Egbon: You no see as Malami dey do comparison the other day, now na Garba Shehu dey talk again, him say the southern governors no respect the thing wey dey inside the constitution

Afenifere, Ohanaeze Lambast Presidency

Mazi: I even read am for inside Newspaper say Ohanaeze plus Afenifere dey vex ontop the thing wey Presidency talk

Egbon: E no reach make dem vex, all these while wey Fulani herders dey pai people dem no talk o, now wey the southern governors con say dem ban open grazing, Presidency dey quote constitution

Mazi: But, we suppose take another eye look the matter o, at least constitution talk say people get right to waka up and down and say dem fit live for any state for Naija

Egbon: Oshey constititional lawyer, so, because say people get right to waka, e con mean say make dem dey take their own reggae spoil another man blues bah?

Mazi: No be so i talk o, no change the thing wey i talk 

Egbon: No be say i dey change wetin you talk, i just dey ask you question ni, because, nobody suppose take their business affect other people’s own

21-year-Old Nigerian Boy Arrested over 2 Billion Fraud

Mazi: No be lie, but at the same time, we no suppose support something wey fit make the country break like biscuit, Egbon, con check this tory o

Egbon: Wetin dey inside the tory?

Mazi: Dem say this 21 year old boy collobi people money, say the money reach 2 billion naira o

Egbon: Ahhhhh, 21 year old boy, for this Naija wey everybody dey shout say money no dey like this, him collobi 2 billion naira, how him take do am?

Mazi: Dem say na all these come and invest to get 60% Return ontop investment him dey do

Egbon: Hmmm, you see ehn, me i no blame that boy o, na the people wey dey find quick money i blame

Mazi: Yes o, me self no blame the boy, because i no understand how people go assume say dem go drop money, con get 60% return just like that, like say na so e dey easy to make money

Egbon: This wan go teach other people lesson, quick money dey cause big loss and dem go dey blame leaders

Woman Marries 7 Husbands

Pidgin News (267): Southern Governors Expose Garba Shehu
The woman with seven husbands.

Mazi: I no know say you self go talk am o, if this people wey dey find quick money see gun, you think say dem no go thief

Egbon: Na greed dey cause that kind thing

Mazi: Laugh…. nothing wey person no go hear o, dem say this woman get 7 husband, she con talk say e get as she dey satisfy all of them

Egbon: 7 husband at once, ah, this wan full mouth o, and all the seven husband agree to marry her?

Man Catches Cheating Wife With Prophet

Mazi: Con check their pictures now, she even talk say dem no get mind to talk say dem wan 2 face or leave her, say she don build house for all of dem

Egbon: No be so, i see one video ontop internet, inside the video, the man talk say him wife carry her prophet con their house, con dey do plo plo with her

Mazi: Ehn ehn, that one deep o, abeg, make i con dey move

Egbon: This world don dey reach to end, we go talk later now

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