Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (260): Bandits Expose SSS Operatives

Bandits Expose SSS Operatives

Egbon: My brother, with the way things dey go for this country, time don reach make i go get my International passport o

Mazi: International passport kwa, where you dey travel go?

Egbon: Ohh, you never hear the advice wey Pastor Paul Adefarasin give Naija people say make everybody get plan B

Mazi: Which wan be plan B?

Egbon: The pastor dey try talk say, fire dey ontop mountain for Naija, say anything fit burst anytime, him even talk say if na Cameroon or Seme you fit go, make you go

Mazi: Well, that wan na him opinion and him get right to him opinion, my own na say another man country no fit be like our own and e make sense make we pray and hope say bad thing no happen for Naija

Egbon: Mazi, to hope alone no fit solve the thing wey dey ground like this o, you no see all the news wey we dey read for some months for this newspaper stand

Mazi: Na almost the same thing we dey talk, i no deny the fact say things no too smooth, but, na Naija we get as our own, to run commot no be the way forward

Bandits Expose SSS Operatives

Egbon: Pele o Mr way forward, since all these things dey happen, you see signs say this government ready to take action?

Mazi: I don talk am before say security na everybody business but some people no get the interest of this country for mind

Egbon: Ohh, so because i talk say i wan get international passport now, na him you remember to talk say some people no get Naija interest for mind, kukuma carry all the intrest for mind now

Mazi: Wetin i dey talk wetin you dey talk now, me i don commot mouth from the international passport matter o, na this tory i dey chuk mouth put o, the tory talk say some bandits expose SSS operatives

Egbon: Ehn ehn, bandits expose SSS operatives, than wan get as e be o

Mazi: You see, dem even talk say the bandits bin confess say SSS people bin dey borrow dem gun to take go collobi people, con share the money wey dem collect as ransom

Egbon: If the tory true, na very bad thing o, e show say some people dey try sabotage the fight against banditry plus kidnapping be that o

Mazi: No be why i first talk am say some people no get Naija interest for mind be that, dem even add say some police dey collabo with dem self, that na to show you say the enemy wey we dey fight dey live among us

General Abdulsalam Abubakar Linked To Terrorism

Egbon: Hmmmm, your talk no miss road at all, no be so i read one news about General Abdulsalam Abubakar, the before before head of state for this country

Mazi: Wetin the news talk?

Egbon: Some days ago, one news come out where dem carry allegation put ontop him head say na him get one of the helicopter wey dey carry ammunition give bandits plus terrorits wey dey dabaru this country

Mazi: Ahhhhh, that allegation heacy for ear o, but the thing fit be true?

Egbon: Him con later come out deny say the allegation no be true o, say na the people wey no like him dey carry the fake rumour up and down

Mazi: One thing wey i know na say some big big people get hand for inside this bandits plus kidnappings wey dey happen for this country and very soon dem secret go open

Egbon: Amin o, because na make their secret open, make dem punish dem fit make Naija get peace o

Woman Rents Children To Beg For Alms

Pidgin News (260): Bandits Expose Sss Operatives
Tanzanian Woman arrested in Kenyan for disguising as a disabled.

Mazi: Con see as this woman secret open o, so no be only Naija this kind thing dey play

Egbon: Wein happen to the woman?

Mazi: She bin dey disguise, dem say na Tanzanian she be o, she con rent some children go dey do begging business for Kenyan, dey disguise like say she no fit waka

Egbon: Ehn ehn, that one shock me o, i bin dey think say na only Naija dem dey run that kind package o

Mazi: Dem don carry her go court, the court con say make she pay fine

Egbon: Dem suppose send am go jail, hiss, make she fit learn, we go talk later jare

Mazi: Ok now

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