Reactions Trail Pastor Adefarasin’s Advice To Nigerians

The statement credited to Pastor Adefarasin of the House on the Rock churches has generated mixed reactions on social media platforms. gathered that Pastor Paul Adefarasin had in a viral video, advised Nigerians to have an alternative plan on how to leave Nigeria, given the level of insecurity, banditry and killings in the land.

According to the video, Pastor Adefarasin, while preaching in his church, encouraged Nigerians to do whatever they can to leave Nigeria either by taking bikes to Cameroon or flying a boat to Seme Border. 

Adefarasin noted that though he has faith, however, the cleric urged his church members and other Nigerians to see beyond religion and have an alternative means of travelling out of the country.

Pastor Adefarasin

Reacting to Adefarasin’s preaching, many Twitter users lauded the sincerity in his message, noting that the situations at hand show that Nigerians need to plan to exit the country. 

Meanwhile, some tweep opined that the cleric did not show patriotism as a Nigerian and a religious leader.

@AiborMz described Pastor Paul Adefarasin as the only pastor right now in Nigeria, spitting the current Nigerian reality.

@IamTheIroko noted that the message from Pastor Paul Adefarasin is an admission of the failure of government. He advised those in authority to take a deep look at the situation and do the right thing instead of attacking the cleric.

According to @olasco_vip, Sometimes the truth hurts; it is not enough to be emotional by what Pastor Paul Adefarasin said, but simply that government has failed at all front.

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