Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (234): Yemi Osinbajo Time Don Come

Egbon: This life na turn by turn, e don reach Yemi Osinbajo turn again and e dey totori my belle like this

Mazi: Wait o, i no get wetin you dey try talk, which one be say e don reach Yemi Osinbajo turn?

Egbon: You never hearsay Buhari wan commot Naija go UK go collect treatment

Mazi: I read am for Newspaper, and i hear say na two weeks him wan use, wetin you con dey talk ontop Osinbajo turn

Egbon: You don forget say that time wey Buhari travel commot, Osinbajo do plenty better things, i remember say na that time the economy stand well, him do many better something

Mazi: Laugh.., na now i dey try understand wetin you dey try talk o, but you don forget say that time, na sake of say Buhari no quick come back to Naija

Egbon: My brother, even if na one week Buhari wan go spend, make him commot first, make him carry government give Yemi Osinbajo, that man sabi well

Mazi: For your mind, i hope say the cabal wey dey Aso Rock go allow make him take over

Yemi Osinbajo

Egbon: Normal normal, na Buhari self suppose write letter give National Assembly talk say make Osinbajo take over

Mazi: As him no come write the letter now, you sure say him want make Osinbajo dey act like Presido?

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Fumes

Egbon: Under Naija constitution, nobody suppose beg the Presido before him go know say him suppose hand over

Mazi: Make we siddon dey look how the matter go be, come check the thing wey Pastor Chris Oyakhilome dey talk ontop COVID-19 vaccine

Egbon: No be that Pastor wey talk say talk say na 5G cause COVID-19 that time?

Mazi: Na him now, this time around, him dey vex say some pastor dey support make their members collect the vaccine, say why dem go do that kind thing

Egbon: Which kind thing o, so, dem no suppose go take wetin go protect their live

Mazi: Him talk say why dem go trust vaccine pass the thing wey God talk for inside Bible, e say that kind thing no make brain

Egbon: Ohhhh, but him no suppose talk like that now, e no possible make everybody faith be like him own, if dem con catch the thing, con dey spread am, e no follow now

Mazi: Yes o, no be everybody faith fit be like mustad seed, at least, COVID-19 vaccine no suppose be sin

Operation Paramole For Yoruba Nation

Pidgin News (234): Yemi Osinbajo Time Don Come
Operatives of Operation Paramole of the Yoruba Nation

Egbon: Abi now, well, shey you don hear say Yoruba Nation don get their own security Force, dem call am Operation Paramole

Mazi: Ehn ehn, these people no dey joke o, so dem go do am like Nigeria Police Force 

Egbon: Con check the uniform wey dem wan use for the Force, na serious something o, no be joke at all

Mazi: But presidency bin don warn say dem no go open eye watch make anybody dey call say make Naija breakup

Egbon: And the people wey dey behind the Yoruba Nation don talk say na June 12 dem wan launch wetin dem get mind, make we see how the thing go be now

Davido Collect Assurance From Chioma

Mazi: But, las las, i pray make water no go carry this Davido boy throway o

Egbon: Wetin him do again, him go swim?

Mazi: if na swim, e for better o, but now na ontop the thing wey him take him mouth talk o, remember the song where him talk say make water carry him go if him leave Chioma

Egbon: Na Assurance be the title of the song now, i remmber that song well, abeg, wetin be the latest ontop him matter and Chioma case?

Mazi: Nna ehn, i hear say the boy show for one picture where him go dey kiss one lady wey people bin dey suspect say na she wan take over from Chioma o

Egbon: Hmmmmm, true true, e reach make him pray say make water no carry him go o, but as the matter be like this, na still rumour, e possible make the photo be from from

Mazi: Tor, make we dey use eye dey follow the matter bumber to bumber, the thing wey i know na say, truth dey always dey inside rumour

Egbon: We go see now, make i con dey move

Mazi: Later now

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