Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (224): Ogbonge Solution To Unemployment

Solution To Unemployment

Mazi: Nna ehn, e be like say i go reduce the way i dey reduce News o (cut in

Egbon: Why now, you no wan dey current again, abi you no know say na the News dey read make us know how things dey go for this country

Mazi: No be say i no wan dey current o, i just see say to see better news dey scarce these days, make person no go get high BP

Egbon: BP bawo, we no go get BP, Na to just make sure say we no too put the things wey dey happen for mind too much

Mazi: How person no go put am for mind, see this wan now o, dem say the number of people wey no get job don increase again

Egbon: My brother, i see the tory o, where dem talk say, people wey no get job don move from 23.18 percent go 33.3 percent

Mazi: Kai, that number plenty o, but na wetin be the solution to unemployment for this country like this

Egbon: I don talk am before and i go still dey talk am say our government no the solution to unemployment, the only thing na say dem no wan do am

Mazi: But why, if you ask me o, na unemployment dey cause most of the bad bad something wey dey play for this country o

Solution To Unemployment

Egbon: Instead make dem take all the Billions and Millions create hand work wey youths go fit do, dem go dey share 5,000 10,000 give people

Mazi: Hmmm, na better talk be that o, sake of say, most of the people wey dey collect the money just dey take am chop

Egbon: Before nko, instead make dem teach people how dem go fit dey catch fish, dem dey carry fish give dem

FG Advises Parents To Stay At Alert

Mazi: E look like say some people dey see something chop under the money wey dem dey share give people

Egbon: That kind thing no fit las at all, if to say government wan make these Pai pai plus kidnappings dissappear, dem suppose create job

Mazi: You talk am well, come see this tory o, federal government talk say dem no fit protect all the schools wey dey the country, say make parents no sleep ontop bicylcle

Egbon: And if i talk say this government don fall Naija people hand now, e go look like say i no like Buhari face, how government no go fit provide security

Mazi: But, if you check that talk, truth dey inside o

Egbon: Which kind truth be that, i no talk say make government dey protect all schools, but at least dem suppose fit take action wey go end these kidnapping something

Mazi: Hmmm, the bandits just dey collobi people dey go, na everyday with different tory

Egbon: Imagine, for country wey get government o, no be the other day i hear say the before before security Oga dem no buy Gun plus other Amunitions wey dem suppose buy


Mazi: Na simple arithmetic now, Senate or House of reps suppose invite dem make dem con explain how the matter be now

Egbon: Explain keh, no be the Senate confirm say make government make dem ambassadors, Na Naija we dey my brother, na padi padi matter

Mazi: Na wa oh, i even hear say Christian Association of Nigeria don sue federal government

Egbon: Laugh, that wan serious o, wetin cause fight?

Mazi: No be fight, i hear say CAN carry federal government go court ontop that Law wey government wan take dey control church

Egbon: No be that one wey dem call CAMA 2020?

Mazi: Na him gangan

Third Wave Of COVID-19 

Egbon: Dem go dey ok las las jare, shey you hear say COVID-19 don get thrid wave?

Mazi: Na which one be third wave again, the second wave don finish?

Egbon: I no even know for dem o, na PTF talk the thing, my own be say, make everybody just dey wash hand, use hand sanitizer plus face mask

Jealous Pregnant Woman Kills Husband

Ogbonge Solution To Unemployment

Mazi: Kai, Egbon con check this tory o, dem say this 22 year old girl wey get belle don take knife kill her husband for Delta

Egbon: Kill keh, e possible make e be say na bad economy cause am like that o

Mazi: No be bad economy, naa jealosuy cause am, dem say the girl wey bin don born pikin for another man before dey suspect say him husband get another lady outside

Egbon: Hmmm, see wetin hot temper dey cause o, now she go go learn lesson for inside prison

Mazi: Odikwa serious o, make i con dey go, we go see later

Egbon: Ok now

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