Agric Minister Says Nigeria’s Food System Weak, Vulnerable

Nigeria’s Agric Minister has revealed that “the country’s food system architecture is weak and vulnerable to shocks.”

However, Muhammad Sabo Nanono, the Minister who oversees the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, allay these fears by stating that the Government is currently engaged in numerous value-chain activities to revamp the sector.

During the Feed Nigeria Summit 2021, the Minister revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration was also committed to increasing farm production and the nation’s input distribution.

Nanono stated that the part of the value-chain activities proposed by the Government includes food processing, distribution, and marketing, which he said would be achieved by providing better infrastructure support.

Agric Minister Says Unemployment’s Nigeria’s Greatest Challenge

Agric Minister
Muhammad Sabo Nanono

Meanwhile, the Agriculture Minister earlier noted that the most significant challenge confronting Nigeria today is youth unemployment.

He suggested that hunger and poverty would continue to ravage the country unless the Government tackles unemployment among the youths.

Nanono also said Nigeria would not defeat hunger and poverty unless it forms solid collaboration and synergy between the organised private sector and the Government for industrialisation.

Recalling a sad event, Nanono regretted that over 1,045 textile mills across the country had shut down due to harsh economic policies in the 1980s, adding that thousands of workers lost their jobs.

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