Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (222) Alaafin Of Oyo Marry Chioma

Alaafin Of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola

Egbon: Sometimes, i go just dey wonder if the people wey dey this government get conscience at all

Mazi: Na everybody wey dey alive get conscience, the only thing na say some people no dey use am

Egbon: Wetin con be the difference between person wey no get conscience and person wey get we no gree use am

Mazi: Well, that question get as e be, but why you even talk say dem no get conscience self ?

Egbon: You no see as dem just dey make everything tight for common man for this country

Mazi: Hmmmm, e be things o, i wake up this morning dey hear for radio say dem don dey sale petrol for 212 naira

Egbon: You see, and you talk say these people get conscience like that, the one wey dey vex me pass na the lie wey dem dey lie anyhow

Mazi: Who lie give you among dem?

Egbon: Na all of dem jare, we hear for news say petrol don become 212 naira per litre, still NNPC dey talk say dem no increase am, how?

Mazi: E wonder me say NNPC fit talk say dem no increase fuel price o because if dem no increase the price, filling stations no go increase the price

Egbon: Naa so so lie lie dem just dey carry feed the massses jare

Alaafin Of Oyo

Mazi: But wait o, na true say Alaafin of Oyo marry Chioma?

Egbon: Which Chioma, Davido wife?

Mazi: No be Davido wife o, i hear say na one igbo lady him marry and na she be the number 13 wife

Alaafin Of Oyo Marry Chioma
Alaafin Of Oyo Marry Chioma

Egbon: That one deep o, number 13 keh, this Alaafin of Oyo dey try o, that King no wan old at all, him just dey marry fresh lady dey go

Mazi: Na later later i con hear say the lady don dey engaged before Alaafin of Oyo con later marry her, but i no know whether that one true o

Egbon: E possible now, as long as say money dey ground, who no like better thing, as i even hear say na Chioma her name be, i don know say Ego dey inside the matter

Mazi: Wetin you con dey try talk o, say Igbo like money, you hate money?

Egbon: I no hate money o, i just dey try talk say the Chioma lady matter get as e be, see the picture of the man wey him dey engaged to before before

Mazi: Well, my own be say, she no be small girl, she sabi wetin good for her

Pidgin News (222) Alaafin Of Oyo Marry Chioma 1

No Negotiation With Bandits- FG

Egbon: Tor, no wahala, shey you don hear the thing wey federal government talk?

Mazi: Abeg, which wan dem talk wey i never hear o, give me the update

Egbon: Dem talk say dem no ready to siddon talk with bandits, say na fire for fire dem wan take the matter do

Mazi: That one make sense now, how government go dey siddon talk with bandits, on top which level now

Egbon: Ohh, you better forget that thing, shey dem go tell you if dem don siddon talk with bandits, no be so so deny dem go dey deny

Mazi: If dem like siddon talk make dem con say dem no siddon talk with bandits, God dey for heaven and na him go judge everybody matter

Nigerian Governor Bags 10 Years Jail Term

Egbon: God dey heaven true true, but if i see true, i go still dey talk am as e be

Mazi: I no hold your mouth o, talk your own make Naija better, con see this before before Plateua state governor o, court don reason him matter

Egbon: I bin think say court don reason am before before now

Mazi: Yes now, but now, na the court wey high pass for Naija talk say by fire by force, him must go that jail go carry 10 years cool body for that place

Egbon: Ok o, that one no mean say other people go still learn lesson o, make i con dey move jare

Mazi: No wahala, i never even understand how this petrol matter wan be self


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