Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (219): Fani Kayode Knock Gumi

Fani Kayode Knock Gumi

Egbon: This man talk sense, kai, him talk well, even though i no too dey like some of him talk, but this wan wey him talk enter well

Mazi: I hope say no be me you dey follow talk?

Egbon: You suppose know say i no fit dey take corner mouth talk to you, if na you i dey follow talk, i go mention your name one time

Mazi: So, na who be the man wey you dey talk?

Egbon: No be wetin you suppose ask be that, anyways, na Fani Kayode i dey talk him matter

Mazi: Wetin him do wey you take like am this time around o

Egbon: Him don give Sheik Gumi better knock for head, him reply Gumi as him dey talk say Nigerians suppose fit pardon bandits if dem fit forgive people wey plan coup

Mazi: Ehn ehn, true true this man talk that kind thing, na wa o, small small, this man don dey do like say na him be the talk talk person for bandits o

Egbon: Shebi i tell you before say the kind thing wey him dey talk dey make me suspect am, i con like the reply wey Fani Kayode give am

Fani Kayode Knock Gumi

Mazi: How him take reply am?

Egbon: Fani Kayode give am hot hot, him talk say the thing wey Gumi talk dey reckless

Nigeria Loss $10 Billion

Mazi: No be lie, e dey reckless true true, wait o, wetin i dey read so

Egbon: My brother, na as you read am e be, dem say Nigeria loss $10 billion you con dey wonder

Mazi: No be say i too wonder like that, na how Naija take loss the money dey shock me, dem say na through how people take dey collobi money for this country

Egbon: If to say the ICPC check am well, e suppose pass that amount, plenty people wey dey government dey thief big big money o

Mazi: And na as dem dey thief the money, government dey borrow another wan, con dey make am look like say the money wey dem dey borrow no get head

Egbon: Before nko, e get head, kooda, e no get tail

Then Vs Now

Fani Kayode Knock Gumi

Mazi: Na make chineke God get pity for this country o, sake of say as e dey like this, e look like say unborn pikin self don chop debt before dem born am

Egbon: No be lie, debt don dey ground plenty and na as debt dey ground, owu dey blow plenty people for the country

Mazi: I no say one day everything go set

Egbon: Na to commot Naija sure pass o, you never see the thing wey dey trend ontop Twitter?

Mazi: Abeg, show me o, wetin dey happen

Egbon: Plenty Nigerians wey don commot this country dey compare the picture of when dem dey here and how dem look after dem don commot naija

Mazi: How the thing con be?

Egbon: My brother, suffer head no be better something, if you see how some people dey look like say dem get HIV before dem commot, con fresh after dem don travel go obodo oyinbo

Pidgin News (219): Fani Kayode Knock Gumi

Mazi: Ehn ehn

Egbon: Yes o, make e n be like say i dey lie, con check this guy, you no see as him look like craze man when him never commot, con fresh like today bread when him land over there

Mazi: God go do us better as e be say we still dey here

Egbon: Na that prayer legit pass o, make i con dey go jare

Mazi: Wait, i even hear say Buhari and Osinbajo go take vaccine on saturday

Egbon: Na dem sabi jare, we go talk later

Mazi: Ok o

Fani Kayode
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