Sheik Gumi Explains Reason For Banditry

Famous Islamic scholar Sheik Ahmad Gumi has highlighted what he described as the reason for banditry in Nigeria.

The scholar opined that the Herders/farmers crisis is a simple criminality case that turned into banditry, ethnic war and genocide. He said the bandits were forced into criminality.

According to him, the solution to banditry is not military hardware but dialogue and teaching, adding that the bandits are acting with no special knowledge.

The scholar noted that the bandits were the first victims of cattle rustling that destroyed their livelihood.

Reason For Banditry

He stressed the need to investigate how cattle rustling became a big business in Nigeria and how it affected the nomadic Fulani’s socio-cultural behaviour.

You will recall that Gumi had demanded blanket amnesty for bandits. Gumi asked the Nigerian government to give repentant bandits amnesty to help tackle the country’s current security situation.

The scholar made the demand after visiting the camp of some bandits operating in Niger State.

Sheik Gumi Explains Reason For Banditry
Sheik Ahmad Gumi Explains Reason For Banditry reported that some bandits recently gained access to Government Science College, Kagara, Rafi Local Government Area of Niger State and abducted students, teachers, and others.

Gumi had levelled serious allegations against the Nigerian Army, noting that the military does not want terrorism to end because they benefit from it.

Gumi opined that some top military officials want insecurity to continue because of the huge funds allocated for tackling it.

He further revealed that the bandits were ready to drop their arms and embrace peace if the government could provide schools, hospitals and water for them.

Nigerian Army

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