Sheikh Gumi Reacts to Deborah Samuel’s Death

Sheikh Gumi has stepped out to comment on the gruesome killing of Deborah Samuel in Sokoto State, saying that the act is condemnable and should not be encouraged.

He made it clear that while some people may never stop to insult the name of the holy Prophet Muhammad, it isn’t enough reason to take their lives, as he gave some sermons at the religious teaching in his Juma’at mosque in Kaduna.

SheikhGumi stressed that despite all the abuses and insults from non-muslim believers on the holy Prophet Muhammad, he never opted for violence nor did he take their lives.

As contained in the message translated by a media platform, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi said the best way Muslims can prove their love for the Prophet is adherence to his words.

In his exact words, the Sheikh advised that, “Anyone who kills a non-Muslim, who they have agreed to live peacefully with, will not smell the fragrance of Paradise for 40 years.”

Speaking further, he hinted that the killing of Deborah will not stop the insults upon the Prophet, that it only shows a lack of understanding of the Holy Quaran and a level of delusion.

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