Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (218): Fashion Get Levels

Fashion Get Levels

Mazi: Egbon, if you see wetin my eyes see today as I dey come eh, hmmm…

Egbon: Joor, Mazi na wetin your eyes see today?

Mazi: My brother, no be wetin them dey talk finish o

Egbon: Oh oh Mazi, no put me for suspense, just tell me wetin your eyes see

Mazi: Na one man wey wear plain suit come carry canvas nack am o.

Egbon: Ehen, why him go do like that when he suppose to wear plain shoes with the suit?

Mazi: Me self wonder o! These days, fashion no let us know who dey craze again; and to add salt to pepper, the man come dey pose, dey snap selfie up and down like no man’s business.

Egbon: Some people too like to dey show themselves sha!

Mazi: No be small show business o but make I no lie, I gbadun the man style, the man tush come dey classy inside the dressing.

Egbon: Haba, na which side you dey self Mazi? Na wetin you gbadun inside say person no dress well as him suppose dress?

21st Century Era

Mazi: Ah ah, see me see wahala o! shey anything dey wrong to like person dressing?

Egbon: No be say anything dey wrong to like how person dress, na the way wey you take put am.

Mazi: How I take put am biko?

Egbon: Mazi, tori olorun, no put word for my mouth (cut in…).

Mazi: Which one be put word for your mouth?

Fashion Get Levels
Fashion parade.

Egbon: You know wetin I dey talk about.

Mazi: Le anya Egbon, na 21st century we dey soo! Dresssing can change at any time, and we neeed to dey open minded to know the one wey dey whatsapp o.

Egbon: So na this man dressing be the one wey dey current abi?

Mazi: Na me you dey ask, you self check am na.

Egbon: Mazi, make I just tell you my own, no be every dressing be ebeano o! Some dressing na out of fashion (cut in…).

Mazi: Na wetin you mean by that?

Fashion Get Levels

Egbon: Since our fathers don dey wear plain suit, you don see them wear canvas on top? Yet their dressing still dey trend reach today.

Mazi: How their dressing still dey trend? Egbon, I no won begin to dey argue with you but wetin I dey try to yarn you be say fashion dey change with time and we need to follow along.

Egbon: So wetin you dey try to talk be say you don endorse the man dressing be that?

Mazi: As for me o, I no see anything wey dey wrong with wearing plain suit with canvas as long as say the dressing dey classy and come fit the person wey wear am. Afterall, na one person dey create different style of fashion while others dey follow.

Egbon: Speaking about different styles of fashion, no be lie you talk o because e get the ones wey my eyes dey see nowadays so tey I begin to ask myself if these ones follow (cut in…).

Mazi: Na which one you see?

Egbon: I see one handsome young man wey wear T.Shirt and Jean trousers, come carry socks and designer slippers take style am.

Mazi: Ha, that one no be new thing again na, some dey even wear am with short nika instead of long Jean trousers.

Egbon: But na wa for fashion o.

Mazi: That one na small thing na! Nowadays, some people dey wear native attire with canvas to match!

Egbon: Hmmm Mazi, na where we dey head to self for this fashion thing?

Mazi: That’s why I tell you say fashion no dey constant, the thing dey change anyhow with time: and if you no shine your eyes to know the ones wey dey current, e go be like say you be old school.

Egbon: No be lie you talk o Mazi, even old school dressing get the current sytle wey them dey take dresss am in today’s age.

Mazi: Gbam! My brother, na for person to dey open minded and check the one wey go fit person style and age, instead of acting indeferent. At all at all, na him bad pass!

Egbon: You talk true Mazi. Make I come dey go jare, we go see later na.

Mazi: It’s ok, take care!

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