Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (193): Marriage Na Scam?

Marriage Na Scam?

Mazi: Hmmm, you see for this life ehn (cut in

Egbon: Laugh, anytime you talk like this i know say your eyes don see something be that, naa wetin you see this time o?

Mazi: You suppose know say my mouth no go talk if my eyes no see, this one wey con dey ground now, naa my ear hear am no be my eyes

Egbon: Whether naa your eye abi naa your ear o, yaan me make i hear the thing wey dey happen

Mazi: My brother, person wey marry better wife or husband suppose dey always thank Baba Godey o

Egbon: Hmmm, no be lie, naa Big Gbosa person wey marry well suppose dey carry give Baba God, but wait o, why you talk so?

Mazi: Naa the things wey i dey hear ontop how plenty man and woman dey get problem for inside their marriage make me talk so o

Egbon: Some people don even conclude say Marriage na scam, say no be something wey people suppose carry for head 

Mazi: Marriage na scam, keh, naa only people wey marry wrong woman or man dey see the thing like say naa scam

Egbon: No be lie, because plenty people dey enjoy dem marriage, even though dem fit get small challenge, but no be to con talk say marriage an scam

Mazi: Shey you don hear the thing wey dem talk say Apostle Suleman do?

Marriage Na Scam?

Egbon: Rara o, i never hear am, wetin him do?

Marriage Na Scam

Mazi: Dem talk say him dey do plo plo with one woman webi pastor wife, naa the pastor con go report the matter give police people

Egbon: Ehn ehn, that one naa serious matter o, Apostle dey do plo plo with pastor wife, na why some people dey say Marriage Na Scam

Mazi: Naso the thing take shock meself, but the Apostle don talk say make people no believe the tory say no be true (read more here)

Egbon: Plenty things dey happen for this life sha

Mazi: The things wey dey happen over plenty self, con full mouth join

Orlu Massacre

Egbon: God dey see everybody mind sha, shey you don see the thing wey happen for Orlu for Imo state?

Mazi: I hear say soldier kill like 5 people for the area, say the thing con turn yam pepper scatter scatter

Egbon: This killing killing wey dey happen everyday no be better something o, blood just dey flow anyhow for the country

Mazi: The thing dey somehow o, make Baba God dey keep us, i even hear say one Man for North talk say him wan born 40 pikin

Egbon: Forty wetin ?

Mazi: Forty pikin, him talk say naa since him dey small, him don get am for mind say him go born plenty pikin

Egbon: Laugh, nawa o, na how many him don born like this

Mazi: Him don born 13 and still get am for mind say him go complete the thing wey him start, I even hear say naa four wives him get

Egbon: This matter funny me somehow and i no con still see am as something wey dey funny, why person go born plenty pikin like that

Mazi: And naa Carpenter him dey do o, him con talk say naa Baba God go care for the pikin, so you self fit copy am, born like 30

Egbon: Copy ko, copy cat ni

Mazi: No fear, Baba Godey go care for the pikin, i hear am for news say some people go burn this man house for Ibadan

Egbon: Sunday Igboho, naso me self hear am o, you remember say na him talk say make Fulani wey dey carry cow do business commot for Ibarapa

Mazi: I remember well, i hope say this one wey happen now no go turn another something o, make i con dey waka

Egbon: I hope so too, we go talk later now

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