Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (164): Pastor Adeboye Prays For Naira…

Adeboye Prays For Naira

Egbon: Naa small remain make this Naira no even get value again, imagine, naa 490 naira be $1 for where dem dey change am

Mazi: No be small something o, the thing dey affect my business, e get goods wey i suppose import, but the way the Naira dey go up, go down, no allow me know wetin i wan do

Egbon: Very serious, i even hear say Pastor Adeboye for Redeem don pray say Naira go dey strong again very soon

Mazi: Amen oooo, make Chineke God answer him prayer o, make Chineke consider people like us wey dey do business

Egbon: Pele o Businessman, shebi naa only you need the money, anyways, shey you don hear say dem don do am again, one day, new Sad tory for this Naija

Mazi: Wetin happen again, anybody don pai abi why you con dey shout like say House dey burn?

Egbon: If naa to say naa house dey burn e for better o, this wan wey happen don pass make house dey burn, Kidnappers no even look Bubu face, dem don kidnap plenty students for Katsina

Mazi: Chai, i bin dey think say naa Katsina be Bubu State now

Egbon: Yes now, naa why i talk am say the kidnappers no even look him face, to con make the matter worse patapata, naa the same day wey Bubu travel go him town for Daura the thing happen, imagine

Mazi: That one naa very bad something o, but you sure say this tory naa true like this, make e no be say naa fake News you wan dey carry up and down o

Egbon: Which kind question be that, i don carry any fake news give you before, naa inside Newspaper i read am and even Senator Shehu Sani talk say the thing naa true

Adeboye Prays For Naira

Mazi: Kai, if the tory naa true e mean say government suppose do something ontop insecurity matter for this country o

Egbon: You be hypocrite, so naa now government suppose do something, since wey different killing dey happen, no be you dey talk say make Naija people give government time, say dem dey (cut in..

Mazi: So, naa bad thing as i talk say make you give government time, no give dem time now, go use your magic stop the killings plus kidnapping wey dey happen

Egbon: Abeg, no insult me, if the state of Bubu himself no safe, naa which state con dey safe for this country, we still dey hope say dem go find the remaining Chibok girls wey dem kidnap for Borno, now dem don carry other students for Katsina

Mazi: I bin dey think say as the matter dey like this, naa prayer we suppose dey pray for this country o

Egbon: My brother, if you wan pray, pray for your family plus yourself, no waste your prayer ontop this country

Mazi: Ahhh, which kind talk be this, why you go talk say make i no pray for Naija, naa curse i suppose dey curse?

Egbon: God don bless us already, naa our government no do the thing wey dem suppose do make the country fit dey safe

Mazi: Tor, me, i sha know say naa prayer be the master key

Egbon: And naa you be the keyholder, abi?

Presidency Warns Against Calls For Break-Up

Mazi: If you know say naa insult you wan dey insult me, make we check another tory for inside the paper, i hear say federal government don warn say dem no go gree make anybody dey talk say make the country break

Egbon: Ehn ehn, naa who talk that one?

Mazi: Naa Garba Shehu talk am, him con say Bubu no go allow make anybody push am do wetin him no suppose do

Egbon: Nobody dey push am, naa him no wan hear true, if to say the country dey as e suppose dey, nobody go dey shout say make dem break am

Mazi: Hmmmm, but, naa small small now, no be one day dem take build rome o, we suppose get patience, make we con add prayer join, naa that time everything fit work o

Egbon: I hear your own, if you no wan hear my own, take care, i wan dey go my house

Mazi: No wahala, bye bye

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