How APC Allowed Wanted Terrorist to be Appointed Sarkin Fulani

Debates are ongoing on how the All Progressives Congress, APC, allowed the selection of a known and wanted terrorist as Sarkin Fulani, which is the King of Fulanis in Yandoton Daji Emirate of Zamfara State.

Ado Aleru (Alieru) is now the traditional ruler of the Fulanis in the state, and he was decorated despite the decree declaring him a wanted terrorist in the region.

However, his installation has caused different reactions and outrage from various quarters of the society, with people calling the attention of the security agencies to immediately reverse the coronation and arrest him.

Some of the most outspoken criticism came from the opposition, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, who blamed the present administration for supporting the growth of security challenges in the region and country at large.

It would be noteworthy to mention some of the atrocities Ado Aleru had been accused of to understand why certain divides in society are against his emergence as King of the Fulanis when there are better options in existence.

Some of the critics spoke about how Nigeria is already on the verge of subduing terrorism and banditry but would promote it on the other hand by paying them millions in the name of amnesty and reintegration into society as well as decorating their so-called repentant terrorists to occupy a very sensitive customary position at a time when the APC Government is overwhelmed by all these unscrupulous acts.

What to Know Bout APC’s Newly Installed Fulani Ruler

For those that know less about the newly installed Sarkin Fulani, he was (is) a bandit leader known as Adamu Aliero, who reportedly coordinated some of the killings in the state, including kidnappings, cattle rustling, crimes in Tsafe and across Zamfara and Katsina States, respectively.

Also, an earlier event he supervised allegedly claimed lives in the Kadisau village attack, where over 20 people were killed by his men.

Later when two of his trusted men were arrested by the State Police Command in the region, they both confessed that some attacks carried out were masterminded by Aliero.

Katsina Commissioner of Police, Sanusi Buba revealed to the journalists that during the raids, “Two bandits, Bello Usman and Usman Sule, were arrested. Usman confessed to having participated in the invasions and killings at Kadisau village of Faskari and others at Musawa, Matazu, Karaduwa, and Yantumaki.”

The now-installed Sarkin was 2020 declared wanted by the authorities “dead or alive” with a N5million bounty placed on his head for whoever gives concrete information about his whereabouts.

There were several other crimes confirmed to have been committed by the turbaned leader before now and his installation is said to be appeasement to strike a bargain between the government and Aliero to henceforth, stop all bandits’ activities in the region.

According to the man, the coordinated his decoration as Sarkin Fulani, Marafa, Alieru is now “the new Sarkin Fulanin Yandoton Daji in accordance with the cultural requirements of the Emirate”.

He added that his appointment agrees “with the demand for peace and reconciliation efforts highly needed for our people in our Emirate, Tsafe local government area, Zamfara and Nigeria”.

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