Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (150): The Allegation Against Yakubu Gowon

Mazi: Hmmmm… Allegation Against Yakubu Gowon, if this thing wey dem talk say Yakubu Gowon do naa true, e mean say many of these past leaders for Naija don chop the future of the country finish be that o

Egbon: You see wetin i dey always talk, wey you go dey make me feel like say naa me like to dey complain everytime, who wan settle this matter now

Mazi: Which matter now, naa still ordinary allegation now, them never confirm say naa true Gowon do the thing

Egbon: My brother, whether naa allegation or confirmation o, one thing wey i know be say smoke no fit dey if fire no dey

Mazi: Ohhh, firefighter, as that UK lawmaker talk say Gowon carry half of money wey CBN fit get run go London, i con dey wonder if that one fit happen 

Egbon: Laugh….., no be Naija we dey, anything fit happen and to con add salt ontop injury, plenty corruption still dey go underground wey we never hear about o, why the country no go enter another recession

Allegation Against Yakubu Gowon

Mazi: This one naa serious matter o, but my own be say, i no go believe the allegation until i don see evidence wey talk say naa true Gowon do am

Egbon: Ok o, i hear, one thing wey i know be say, Naija for don better if no be say some people dey wear corruption inside Agbada

Court Remands Ali Ndume In Prison

Mazi: I bin dey think say naa one of the things wey Bubu talk before dem elect am say him wan do be that, e con look like say, the corruption wey dey inside him government self plenty pass wetin dey before

Egbon: Naa now you dey understand the thing wey i dey always complain ontop, i even hear one news wey talk say Court don give order say make them go put Ali Ndume for Kuje prison

Mazi: Ahhh, wetin him do now, him don thief government money too?

Egbon: Dem talk say, naa him stand for Abdurasheed Maina wey get corruption case for court and now dem no see Maina again, so naa him wey stand for Maina dem wan punish

Mazi: Naa true o, naa small remain make i forget say Maina still get case for court o, naa why i no fit stand for anybody wey get court case be this

Egbon: So, you no fit stand for me like this?

Mazi: You wan get court case?

Egbon: Olorun maje, God forbid bad thing, i no steal government money, so, i no fit get case for court

Mazi: Chikena, that mean say i no need stand for you

Again, PTF Warns About Yuletide Celebration

Egbon: PTF people don talk again ontop this COVID-19 virus o

Mazi: Wetin dem talk again?

Egbon: Naa the thing wey dem talk before ontop say make people no travel for Christmas make dem no go dey spread the virus dem still dey talk

Mazi: Even if i wan travel, naa my own car i go carry go, i no fit allow my family to dey gum body for inside public motor o

Egbon: I never even sure say i go travel self, shey you don hear the latest news ontop Okonjo-Iweala matter?

Mazi: The last thing wey i hear naa say USA no support am, since then i never hear anything ontop the matter o

Egbon: As i dey look am like this, e be like say, naa him go become the Oga for World Trade Organization, the person wey be him rival don dey plan to announce say him no dey do again

Mazi: That one good o, i too like that woman, if she become the Oga now, make she just make me him adviser on Business matter

Egbon: No be only adviser on Business matter, naa adviser on goods matter, i wan dey go jare

Mazi: No wahala, we go talk later, but remember say Dream dey come true o

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