Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (14): Let the Igbos Rise Again

Mazi, this one wey you dey look the newspaper with strong igbo face; na fight you wan fight?

Egbon, no be the thing wey Ibrahim Babangida talk na en I dey read

Wetin he talk?

He talk say the efforts wey government don put to reconcile Nigerians after the civil war no get much effect; say e no work. And me I just dey wonder how e go work when dem still the take style supress the east from power

Ahn ahn Mazi, how dem dey supress the east from power?

So with everything wey dey happen you no know? Okay, make I give you one small example. At this level port no suppose dey one Igbo state? Out of all the states for this country, no be Igbo states dey trade pass

Ennh, you are right but the fact that una no get port no mean say na suppression; that wan na economic development issues wey the plague every state for this country one way or the other

Okay, what about the fact that dem no go allow us take presidency?

See me see iron handle, Mazi, presidency don become something wey dem dey give people?

Egbon, no even talk like that when you know wetin I mean

I no know wetin you mean oo. First of all, e don get any Igbo man wey commot for presidency and people say dem no go vote for am because em be Igbo? Goodluck Ebele Jonathan nkor?

Your talk just dey amaze me. How you go talk say Goodluck na Igbo man? He be niger delta man

Wetin be the difference?

You see my problem with Nigerians. If I talk say Yoruba people and Edo people no get difference you go gree?

God forbid, I no go gree. Okay okay, niger delta and Igbo dey different but the truth be say presidency no be something wey person go give you; if Igbo people wan handle presidency, make dem take charge do am. E no get as dem no go fit achieve am

Egbon, you too like to the talk. Sometimes you dey talk like person wey no understand the politics for this country.

Say what you like, I don talk my own. But the truth be say Igbos nobody fit take una pride away from una because the way wey una build una self after the war come reach this level and maintain am up till now. I hail una

E no easy

Yes. E no easy but una do am, so presidency na small thing. The day una ready for am una go fit do am

This your talk today Egbon, you sure say you no go be my campaign manager?

Aaaah, Mazi you wan run?

I no know but anything fit happen. You see as that Senator Abbo dey share malt drinks for en constituents

Say wetin happen? That one na another campaign method?

I know? You no know all these politicians? everything wey dem give you get string attached to am, even if na one naira

But hunger no go allow my country people stand their ground, a lot of people go go collect that malt drink am well well

I dey tell you. But Nigerians don dey know their rights small small o; e get one news wey I read wey wan woman go talk to the church wey dey do fellowship opposite her house to reduce the volume of their speakers say the thing too loud and e dey disturb her family

Wetin the church talk?

Dem reduce am now. No be noise pollution en be? And she get the right to report dem to the national environmental board

That is very true. Omo those their speakers can be so loud. The wan wey dey my street sometimes dey sound as if na for my parlour dem dey do their service

Better go do as this woman do. Go tell dem make dem reduce the volume for their speakers

E be like say na wetin I go do be that and for this one, I know many people for my street go support me

That wan better pass

Make we dey know our rights small like this dey go

Na so

Na very so

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