Kemi Olunloyo Issues Warning to Igbo Men

Media personality Kemi Olunloyo has issued warnings to the Igbo men on social media, referring to her as an ash*wo.

On Wednesday, via her Instagram page, the journalist, Kemi Olunloyo shared a screenshot from Twitter that showed some followers accusing her of not liking the Igbo tribe.

Kemi posting this picture on her page, stated that she does not hate the Igbos while affirming that the Igbos are resourceful and that most of her loyal friends are Igbo. She added that the Igbo men should stop referring to her as an ash*wo, especially when her narrative doesn’t sit well with them.


Igbo people are very resourceful. 90% of my LOYAL friends are Igbo. The rest 10% other tribes but plsss young Igbo men on social media QUIT calling me Ashawo if my discussion narrative doesn’t fit you. It is demeaning to use that word if you have not paid me for sex.

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