Never Let Your Heart Fall Again

this night falls upon us in torrents heavy and thick
while we sit with hope hovering over our heads
that this darkness does not veil your smile
Or freeze your laughter
Or stop those breasts from jiggling
Or stop the hips from swaying
I hope these things come with each morning that arrives at dawn when the night is raised

I couldn’t give those overpriced items and locations
I gave you only memories of our loud laughter and happiness
Of our broad smiles and cheesy jokes
I gave you only amateur kisses and embraces
I hope you still hold on to them
I hope you still keep them in your pockets and reach for them each time you are alone and think of us and giggle

These walls bear our every mark on their skins
They hold our fears on palms that tremble to the sounds of our tears
They know our scars on our naked bodies
They bear witness to those sweaty nights of sacred love making
Of whispered moans and shrieking gasps

Never let your heart fall again
It’ll hit hard
It’ll get broken and strewn
On the floor to get trampled on
Never bare your soul again.