A BOOK TO READ: My Sister, The Serial Killer

My Sister, the serial killer is a fictional book written by Nigerian young author, Oyinkan Braithwaite. This is the debut novel of the author and was published in 2018. The blackly-comic novel has since gone on to be a hit internationally.

It has been considered for several notable literary awards including the 2019 Booker Prize, 2019 Women’s Prize for Fiction, the 2019 Amazon Publishing Readers’ Awards, and the 2019 LA Times Award for Best Crime Thriller which was won. In less than a year, the book has been praised by the New York Times, The Washington Post, and by respected authors.


The characters include Korede (main character & protagonist), Ayoola (Korede’s sister), Tade (Korede’s admirer), Femi (Ayoola boyfriend), Mahur (a hospital patient).


‘My sister, the serial killer’ was set in the busy city of Lagos, Nigeria. Korede a nurse and her beautiful sister Ayoola lives together with their widowed mother. The family belonged to the upper-middle-class. Ayoola, the younger sister of the protagonist is the serial killer in this book. She always kills every man she is in a relationship with while her sister has a way of covering up for her, making sure there’s no pint of blood on the ground after a murder.

Meanwhile, Korede was having a secret-romantic love for Tade, a doctor in the hospital where she works. She was waiting for Tade to make the move but the doctor falls in love with the much beautiful Ayoola. Korede was afraid this time having seen what Ayoola has been up to in her previous relationships. At this time, police were investigating the death of Ayoola’s last victim, Femi. Korede and Ayoola both denied and they get away with it as usual.

Mr. Mahur, a comatose patient heard all Korede was saying about her sister including her serial killing. Mahur out of coma told her she heard all that she said and promised not to leak the secrets but advised Korede to handover her sister to the police but this is a case of blood is thicker than water for the sisters.

When Tade eventually planned to marry Ayoola, Korede warned him but he turned deaf ears. Ayoola nearly killed Tade again as she has been doing but this time in self-defense, the doctor injured Ayoola. It became a matter of the court, Korede defended her sister once again as Tade was sent to jail. Korede discovered she can’t but be loyal to her serial killing sister.

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