Black Unicorn

you say you are weird. 
you think you are nothing. 
but i think its weird 
you don’t see the something 
within this “nothing”. 

you show me your scars. 
you tell me your past is real. 
but this is the right time 
to let go of the past 
and its scars, 
and look into the now 
and its stars. 

you tell me you’re a freak. 
you feel awkward in your own skin. 
but i think you are beautifully different, 
like a black unicorn 
in a sea of white horses. 

you want to lock yourself inside forever. 
hide in the shadow of long kept fears. 
but i want to run with you 
through the crowded streets, 
shout to the whole world 
how amazing you are.

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