Lit Corner

Love for the Bearded Man

The bearded man from Far East

Hairy in the chin as a dough rise in yeast

All facial hair reporting, moustaches are the least

Shave or no shave his beards increases

His hairs are so important as they fight diseases

All I want now is to meet this cute man from the East.

The bearded man is out of this world

There’s no missing strand in his hairy ward

What an oily beards yearning for a lovely word

Yes boss! He’s the captain of the covering war

One, two, three to thousand strands lines his jaw wall

Find him a beautiful woman, then he becomes her world.

The bearded man drives us crazy

His fashion sense is so tight, we call him dandy

When it comes to sweetness, he’s our candy

Beards for warmth therefore he can’t be shaky

We all love to be involved in deals that aren’t shady

Lord! Give us an adorable man like him that drives us crazy we pray.

Here comes the bearded man that is much talked about

Moustaches rounded his mouth like a roundabout

Shiny-long-strands of hair make men take a bow

Its oily scents make women say al-Akbar

If only for this reason I would be called to the bar

Then I would like to meet the bearded man that is much talked about.

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