What it means to become a traditional man, mostly depends on who’s talking or discussing about it. The term “traditional man” can imply to a man who is really entrenched and grounded in aged long believes and practices. He adheres strictly to the cultural principles of what a man should and should not do. He believes that being the sole provider of major income for his family can not be compromised. A traditional man can also be described as a firm fatherly figure with an independent character believing that he is the king of his palace (family).

It can be amazing the opinion of people on what it means to be a traditional man. Going around the beautiful city of Abuja to inquire from its residents, I will be guiding you through their perception on what case study “What it means to be a traditional man”

With Miss Dorcas Obi.

A traditional man for me is a man who believes in the conventional ways of doing things. Most traditional men are very committed to their family, but with surreptitious mindset that their wives place is to stay at home and take care of the children. A traditional man all over Africa, especially in Nigeria, believes that men are placed above people of other genders, and some men above other men. A typical traditional man believes in cultural values and habitual practice not compromising the usual way of acting in giving circumstances.

With Mr. Okereke

Mr. Okereke stated that “What it means to be a traditional man to me, is a man who doesn’t compromise and doesn’t give room to a discussion in settling issues especially as it concerns his family”. She added that a traditional man is rigid, always sticking to doing things the way it used to be done and doesn’t acknowledge the innovation, modernization, and permutation of life. A traditional man is always ignorant of what is obtainable now and believes in aged long approaches to issues, whether personal, family or societal issues.

With Mr. Josh Ojison

Mr. Josh a sports commentator and analyst in his opinion, believes that a traditional man is a man who is bent on having things done the way it has always being. He is not open to things whether positive or negative. A traditional man believes that whether or not he provides for his family, i.e. despite his financial status, the wife must submit to him. The ‘man’ presumes that the woman’s place is at the kitchen in the family and that the woman has little or no say in the family. The man doesn’t recognize that the woman can also engage in white-collar jobs or jobs in which the will have to leave the house in the morning and return in the evening so as to contribute her quarter for the betterment of the family. He concluded by saying that “A traditional man”, believes and acts as the king of his castle.

Writers like McDermott in his own remarks said that in multitudinous circumstances, extra judicious assertions of those distinguished characters, coupled with additional masculine ideals, are overall conducive and beneficial to all genders. He added that “sometimes it’s good to be aggressive. And sometimes, it’s good to be dominant”. However, when one tends to function strictly with that mindset, then what happens in cases where you need to be egalitarian?

Nigerians Thoughts on “a traditional man”

Moving Forward with the opinion of Nigerians on what it means to be a traditional man. One thing is clear that “A traditional man still exists especially in Nigeria, and can easily be figured-out by their philosophy towards life. And also with their strong and unique fatherly figure”. Having said that, there are so many qualities that can be attributed to what it means to be a traditional man.   

* A traditional man arguably makes the best husband. The sticks it out when the honeymoon period is over and reality begins to dawn. He stays with his family through thick and thin and doesn’t shy or run away in hard times

*A traditional man is always close to his children, teaching them rights from wrong and to always choose to do the right things. He plays with his kids as well as educate them on self-control and embed in them cultural norms and values.  

*Traditional men on a good day will always put the comfort of others first even at their own detriment. With a traditional man, you (a lady) are sure of being pampered and treated with care and gentility. He will want to keep his family away from harm and his protective side always shows as he will always be quick to give you voluntary advice when need be.

*Traditional men really know how to stand up to be a man when the need arises. They are no pushover and the like to take charge of the helm of affairs when it comes to their families. Although the most times liaise with their wives before making the final decisions.

*Traditional men are grounded with diverse knowledge or skills on how to repair most things in the house. Unlike “Untraditional man who will have to go through the stress of calling specialties or expects when it comes to repairing of little things at home like when a door gets stuck, pipe clogs or change of ‘plug’ in a small generator, et cetera. A traditional man can repair these minor things with ease. 

From all reactions and opinions of people, an ideal traditional man seems not to have a unified meaning. Results of the meaning seem to be based on individual conceptions, but few things seem to cut across various opinions. I can, without doubt, say that an ideal traditional man is a man with a unique kind of distinguished character which is believed to be culturally pertinent for men. Although some of these attributes in most scenarios have it’s positive and adverse effects

Feel free to drop your thoughts on what it means to be “A traditional man” on the comment box.

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