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Nigeria Where Snakes are Worshipped. Oftentimes, the thought of any reptile especially snakes would send most human shrieking and at the sight, flying meters in milliseconds. So imagine the shock upon finding out the snakes are highly revered in some parts.

Have you ever seen a lady with substantial facial hair growth in this part of the world? Just as we have different views about several topics based on our culture, religion, and so on, we also have weird comments about bearded ladies.

The term “traditional man” simply refers to men who are really entrenched and grounded in aged long believes of cultural ways of what a real man is perceived to be.

Chef Kwame was raised in the Bronx of New York with heritage in Trinidad, Nigeria and Jamaica. He described his love for food as a natural result of his intimate interactions with his mother in the kitchen…

The Urhobo people are located in Southern Nigeria, near the north-western Niger Delta. They are the major ethnic group in…

The Idoma people are ethno-linguistic groups that are found majorly in the lower western areas of Benue State, Nigeria.

One of the best places to be in the Northern part of Nigeria is Katsina State. Located in the Northwestern geo-political zone of Nigeria,

Tiv (or Tivi) is one of the ethno-linguistic groups in Nigeria and West Africa. The group constitutes approximately 3.5% of Nigeria’s total population,