Thomas Tuchel Says Why Chelsea will Win UCL

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has declared his readiness to win the Uefa Champions League. According to him, he said he would not make the same mistake he made in France. Thomas Tuchel led Paris Saint-Germain to the Champions League final last but lost to Bayern Munich 1-0.

Talking about this seasons final he said: “I have zero ambition to ruin this atmosphere, not for myself or for anybody else. Do we have some ideas on how to improve the squad? Yes, we do. But will we fight about it? No, we will not.”

“I Have Learnt from My PSG Mistakes” Thomas Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel Says Why Chelsea Will Win Ucl

He also said: “We will discuss it, and first of all, we will finish this season because it is not time to reflect now.” “Transfer periods can be real mood breaks between coaches and clubs, and I don’t want to have this ever again.” The manager said he is willing to make good buys when the summer transfer window finally opens.

The manager is ready to sign top-class players to boost his team. He made this known in an interview with Sky Sports, where he stated that he has learned from his PSG’s mistakes which why he will win the Champions League final,, which is against rivals Manchester City.

Thomas Tuchel said he is prepared to search for players that will blend with his philosophy, although he has enjoyed an excellent first half-season with Chelsea since taking over from Frank Lampard midway through the term.

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