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eNaira, which is simply Nigeria’s Digital Currency, is clearly, according to an Analyst, Fisayo Fosudo, from a platform named the VULTe, is not a Cryptocurrency but uses technology for online transactions. A company named Bitt, Inc. was commissioned to coordinate the project.

From being penned as a disruptor in the finance and investment industry to taking mugshots in Lagos state Police command for fraud, in this piece, we go through the unfortunate cliche grace to grass story of the 21-year-old Dominic Joshua.

A few years ago, if you had mentioned the term “cryptocurrency” to me, I would have imagined some kind of currency involving an underworld banking system, with hooded traders sitting behind shady computers.

Social media is agog and on fire as the Central Bank of Nigeria has issued a directive to the country’s commercial banks: CBN bans cryptocurrency