Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (202): Winners Pastor Thief $90,000, N4.5m

Winners Pastor

Mazi: Bia Bia, Egbon, na wetin be the latest ontop this cryptocurrency matter wey dey town like this?

Egbon: Hmm, my brother, i no just understand why this government like to dey make life hard for ordinary man for this country o (cut in..

Mazi: No be that one i ask you, na latest ontop the matter i wan know

Egbon: 6 and half dozen no be same thing, say CBN ban cryptocurrency plus say government dey make life hard, naa same same o

Mazi: But na wetin you don hear ontop the matter, na my question be that 

Egbon: Well, i hear say CBN talk say no be this year dem just ban the thing, say e don tey wey dem give banks that order, dem con add say some people dey take am do 419

Mazi: Hmmm, the one wey concern me pass na to make sure say nothing go happen to the money wey i dey take do Business o

Egbon: You dey take cryptocurrency do business?

Mazi: Na naira i dey take do my Business, i only dey talk say make i no con dey later hear tory wey no go sweet for ear

Egbon: Ok, na now i understand, make we hope say nothing go happen to your business money

Mazi: Tor, i hope so too, i don dey hear small small rumour say some people wan arrange another protest again, the thing na true

Egbon: Naso me self hear am o, dem say na sake of say government dey plan to go reopen that Lekki Toll Gate

Mazi: Na the thing wey i dey always talk be this, wetin bad inside say make dem reopen that place, why some people dey take their own affect another man own self

Egbon: Why dem go reopen Lekki Toll Gate when dem never punish the people wey get hand inside the matter

Mazi: I bin think say dem arrange one panel that time sake of say dem wan torchlight the thing wey happen for the place

Egbon: Na the why the EndSARS protesters dey vex be that say na go dem hear, dem no con hear as the matter come

Winners Pastor Thief Money

Mazi: (Exclamation) Ahhh, ahhh, ahh, for inside church, how this kind thing go happen, na who person wan con trust again now

Egbon: Wetin happen for inside church again o, another Pastor don do plo plo with church member?

Mazi: No be plo plo this time o, naa 419 inside, dem say this Winners Pastor thief $90,000 plus another N4.5m for the church

Egbon: Ehn ehn, things dey occur for this life sha, Winners pastor, how man of God go do that kind thing

Mazi: Na why me self dey do ah ah that time o, dem talk say court don sama the Pastor 3 years jail term

Egbon: Na so i see am for inside paper say one Evangelist kill him wife and pikin for Ananmbra, him con talk say na sake of say him smoke indian hemp him do that kind thing

Mazi: E look like say this world don dey enter the end true true o

Yahoo Boys Throw Money In The Air

Egbon: No be say world dey enter the end, the thing na say people too get greed this days, na everybody wan get money, ride better car (cut in…

Mazi: For me o, i no see anything wey bad inside make person wan get money, but, the wan wey i no like na sharp sharp money

Pidgin News (202): Winners Pastor Thief $90,000, N4.5M
Suspected Yahoo Boys in Benin, Edo State.

Egbon: And na that sharp sharp money dey reign now, con see this video, you see am, naa Yahoo Boy dem be o, see as dem dey scatter moeny for air

Mazi: Hmmm, na the thing wey i dey talk be this, no businesman go dey do this kind thing, dem dey spend the money anyhow sake of say no be dem hard labour

Egbon: Abi now, naa Benin this wan take happen and see as people dey rush to go carry the money

Mazi: Na wa o, this matter don dey tie wrapper like this o, make i con dey waka

Egbon: No wahala now, we go see later


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