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An American female pastor, identified as Nikole Mitchell has given up the church to become a stripper and has amassed thousands of fans who pay to see her x-rated photos and videos.

Rebecca was indeed happy about the new development, not Ene’s death but the news that Bishop Chukwu’s murder case was going to be left open; it wasn’t a case she could let go off unsolved. To her it was a break or make case and whether it was going to make or break her; she didn’t know just yet.

“Excuse me, I didn’t hear you” she said leaning closer to him but his mumble remained the same until she banged the table with a fist “I said my children, I don’t want them to get hurt! They are my only blessing” he yelled and began to weep

John Bull was a very gentle and patient man; he answered all Rebecca’s questions to her satisfaction. Madam Lucy chipped in when she was supposed to, all in all Rebecca was content with all their answers until she caught a glimpse of a semi-healed knife wound on his palm.

No group has asserted responsibility for the attack yet, but fighters linked to the Islamic State and al-Qaeda routinely ambush soldiers and civilians in a campaign to sow division, gain recruits and seize territory.

The election was conducted peacefully and the winner was announced. It was Abel Egwurube; but Abel was not happy about it. How could he be happy to take something away from Rita, something that he knew she wanted so badly? In the almost twenty years that Abel has known Rita, all that he has felt for her was love. Yes Abel was crazy in love with Rita and was ready to give her the world if she let him… the only thing that stood in his way all these years was the bastard, Bishop Chukwu.

a few steps away from Rebecca’s front door, Onu dialed his phone. “She has nothing, I have checked” he said into the phone “Okay, thank you. You are indeed a brother” the voice on the other side replied “I told you that I will protect you no matter what. You did us both a favour when you killed that useless Bishop. Nothing will happen to you” Onu promised. A promised he made to Bishop Chukwu’s murderer; a promise we was going to keep at all cost.

. On their way towards the exit, Nkechi walked in front of Rita and just before she left the edge of the roof Rita pushed her off the rooftop and she fell to her death. Rita invited her for a meeting alright but it wasn’t to offer care and support.

“Mr. Isaac, you are under arrest for the murder of Bishop Nnaemeka Edison Chukwudozie…” Dele recited his rights to him while Inspector Onu handcuffed him. The entire church was filled with confusion, no one saw it coming; Isaac the sweetheart of Christian Peoples’ Ministry was capable of murder?

“I’m going to kill him! I’m going to kill him and everyone he loves” Isaac was furious; he couldn’t believe what Gina had just confessed to him. He headed towards the door but she stopped him. They were in a hospital room where she had just had a hysterectomy; a surgery to remove her uterus because of complications from a miscarriage.