Pastor WF Kumuyi Receives Heavy Criticisms

Pastor WF Kumuyi, the founder of Deeper Life Bible Church, is under heavy scrutiny for arriving in Abuja in a limousine vehicle that seemed expensive.

The General Overseer, GO, whose full name is William Folorunso Kumuyi, visited Abuja in what observers referred to as an exotic ride worth millions of naira.

He was in Abuja for a church programme christened “Divine Solution,” where those who spotted him in the luxurious limo ride expressed various opinions about the new development.

On Facebook, where the pictures of the renowned Pastor alighting from the vehicle surfaced, Nigerians couldn’t hold their amazement back.

From their comments, it was clear the car choice didn’t sit well with some folks as they thought it was a departure from the modest lifestyle the preacher is known for and teaches.

Nigerians Speak on Pastor WF Kumuyi’s Limo

A Facebook user identified as Ify Onyegbule wrote: “Pa Kumuyi in Abuja? A lot has changed o! “I hope the congregation is moving with the times o!”

Adediran K Daniel Livingstone stated: “So Pastor Kumuyi taught people to hate, detest and Loathe a good lifestyle if they can afford it legitimately??? “It’s apt that we all just tend to draw misconceptions and make them seem to like it’s true.”

Others trod the same line of thoughts, seriously criticizing the founder of Deeper Life Church for his decision to appear in grand style.

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