Man Donates Home to Church, Leaves Family Stranded

A family has been thrown into desperation as a man donates home to church, leaving his family on the verge of being homeless.

According to the Twitter user, @eronsjohnson, who shared the story and videos on socials, the man, whose name is Shedrack, had just returned to Nigeria. Upon his return, he started to take religion very seriously to the delight of his family; little did they know that it will land them in this position.

Man Donates Home to Church Leaving His Family Homeless

Shedrack had reportedly started the seed-sowing with his car, which no one had a problem with, but soon after, he donated the family house to the Christ Embassy church in Warri.

According to the post, Shedrack’s father was surprised when he saw some men circling the compound only to find out that his son has given out their family house.

Man Donates Home To Church, Leaves Family Stranded 1
Man Donates Home to Church

The house is said to house Shedrack, his father, cousins and 4 tenants. His father mentioned that although his son made a huge contribution to erecting the building, the house stood on family land.

Shedrack’s father has written a petition to the Senior Pastor of the Christ Embassy church Warri who promised to take action but has done nothing for over four weeks.

In a video, the older man made a plea to Pastor Chris Oyakilohme to come to his family’s aid. Meanwhile, the matter is currently being investigated by the police.

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