See What Actor John Boyega Said About Church Goers in This Period

British born actor, John Boyega is known to be vocal when it comes to social issues. He has used his social media platform to comment about churches during this pandemic.

John Boyega has talked about the present situation in the world. He once talked about how important service providers like barbers are so important when they can’t be reached during the lockdown.

The Hollywood actor also joined other black communities to protest the death of George Floyd in a black lives matter protest.

John Boyega Comments on Christians Going to Church in This Period

John Boyega took to Twitter to discuss an important matter in the society which talked about Christians and church goers in a like this.

John Boyega

The Starship actor tweeted ”Christians. Don’t go back to a church that ignores the current issues. Prosperity preaching every sunday. Kmt.

The current situations in the world concerning coronavirus has made many people ask questions on science and religion. Since there’s no known cure for the deadly virus, many have passed many judgement on both in a time like this.

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