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“In Igbo Land, it is important that everyone sees that you are pregnant when you are pregnant. Start with the Igwe’s wife for example. Everybody is supposed to see her pregnant. They will celebrate it and even assign people to help her as her baby grows. Apart from this, traditionally, it is improper to have another woman bear the heir to the throne. That’s infidelity. Most children born that way are exempted. The bottom line is that there has to be a seen proof of pregnancy.

One of the improvements seen in the world of science is the development of DNA testing technology as a tool for finding solutions to several issues relating to genetics.

Nigerian women most especially are now experts in this act of cheating and it’s now safe to tag some of them ‘the new cheating ambassadors’.

While we pray we tend to feel we are not being heard. But we all believe that God hears us all the times. Not only hearing us, but already knowing everything about us, even whatever we will be praying for.

Disappointments upon disappointments, you start to feel depressed for being so unlucky with everyone and everything. But then again, you just suddenly feel yourself being seized by this “energy” calling you to gather yourself again. But this time around, instead of thinking to go somewhere to seek “help” you begin to think on how you could be like those people who rejected you, and disappointed you — there you decide on where to go and how to take lead of your life.

But I came to realize — and even believe — that to be successful amidst the life’s challenges or even be happy in a world full of unhappy experiences could be a fool’s wish. But, again, I believe it’s very possible. And it’s just a matter of change of mindset and one’s attitude to life.

Olumide is a young, handsome, caring, and soft spoken man that every lady wants to meet. He pays more attention to his looks more than any other thing and there is nothing wrong with that. Olumide had posters of handsome men all pasted in his room as one of the corps member in our hostel during the mandatory youth service.

A conservative society like Nigeria has a lot to do in dealing with stigmatization and discrimination of different kinds of…

Now that we know one grave dangers of inbreeding outlives the act, why don’t we consider not marrying our cousins and save ourselves and our future offsprings the necessary stress?

‘‘Aliko really knows people. He has relationships, he is willing to reach out to people. His ability to reach out, and the communication skills that Aliko has developed, have really been phenomenal,’‘ Gates said of his friend and partner.

Do not go and bring a child into this world and begin to put the responsibility of raising the child on the public. Let us not forget that even the good book says you shall be judged on how you were responsible for your offspring.