Here’s Why You Should Be More Prayerful

Prayer, above whatever it is made for, is a positive expression of faith. It’s a demonstration of one’s awareness of his innate weakness as a person and the acknowledgment of God’s absolute power over everything that exists, material or immaterial.

It is a submission to God that leaves no room for doubt about the sincerity of the faithful because it brings to light the decision of the servant to turn to Almighty God as the sole and final refuge.

Prayer is part of our daily life, but we often don’t put our hearts into the prayer. We do it anyhow as if it doesn’t matter; whether it’s accepted or not, we don’t care.

Our tongues will move and our voice could even be heard but yet not feeling that we’re being heard and appreciated by God. We finally put our hands down and get up as if we have done nothing. But the prayer is a confidential communication between the servant and his God. It’s more than the words we utter. It’s a conduit for a connection that has the ability to transform us to a higher level of thinking, feeling and seeing.

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While we pray we tend to feel we are not being heard. But we all believe that God hears us all the time. Not only hearing us but already knowing everything about us, even whatever we will be praying for.

But, why do we easily forget this and finish the prayer with more worries about the troubles instead of overwhelming joy of having communicated with God? Because there is nothing more gratifying to a servant than spending a moment with God.

Be more prayerful. Be more blessed.

By Bin Isah

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