How to Live A Successful, Happy Life

Because happiness is vital for our wellbeing, life is no more but a struggle to attaining it. And the best way we think it could be attained is to be successful — to make an achievement that God would be pleased with, and we are praised and remembered for.

As a matter of fact, sometimes I stop everything I do to pay some attention to this most intriguing concern of the human mind: what should I do or what would I be to be successful, and be happy?

And it’s such a matter of mental urgency that is too powerful to be reduced to some sort of idealistic redundancy or be considered a walk on the path of meaninglessness. It’s just too real to be ignored, and it begs a genuine effort to arrive at a concrete answer.

And although it’s a shared concern, we will most certainly differ on how we may prefer to address it.

But I came to realize — and even believe — that to be successful amidst the life’s challenges or even be happy in a world full of unhappy experiences could be a fool’s wish. But, again, I believe it’s very possible. And it’s just a matter of change of mindset and one’s attitude to life.

Some people think that they have to acquire some certificates of formal education or reach a particular position of power or attain some special status in the society before they could be able to achieve a success that could afford them a sense of happiness, and as a result of this they consider themselves irrelevant to engage in serious, good works.

But then and now, life has been reminding us that we don’t necessarily need to be graduates of any college, or official power holders or billionaire’s children to behave the opportunity of making ourselves successful. It always reminds us that we only have to be sincere, committed learners with great minds and good hearts that take life as a chance of making a difference in the world, not as a battlefield for a victor and vanquished, or a competitive market for winners and losers.

In fact, in a world full of successful people who have never been to school or dropped out, and simple people touching lives in simple ways, we are truly not having reasons to doubt our powers, abilities, and capacities of making a difference in our lives.

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By these facts, life simply tells us that to be successful and happy we just have to be grateful for the tremendous gifts that God gave us — and give us each day. And being grateful means using the gifts in a way that He will be pleased with us — by being good in our own selves and looking out to see how and where we can make life a little bit better for ourselves and other people. And this is indeed easier done than said.

It could be stated in these few words: Be Godly. Be good. Be kind to yourself, and be compassionate to people.

Because when you’ve faith in God and do good deeds, you will feel pleased with yourself because you’ll always have something to provide you with strength, satisfaction, and peace. The mercy of God will become your constant company.

And when you’re kind to yourself, you will firmly stand to protect yourself against behaviors that could cause you regret, guilt and sadness or put you in dangerous situations.

And when people feel safe with you because you’re not being disrespectful, evil-minded and unkind, they will strongly feel obliged to treat you gracefully.

What else should matter in the pursuit of success and happiness when you are able to walk with God, accompanied by goodness and surrounded by joys. You’re already successful. And you should be totally happy about it.

Don’t just stand for death to come and carry you away. Make any time of your life count. Be positive. Consider yourself a relevance. Make a difference. Be successful. Be happy. Be blessed.

By Bin Isah