Sadio Mane Mad with Klopp’s Decisions

Liverpool thrashed Manchester United last night, but that was not all joy and fun for Senegalese international Sadio Mane. After the game, the player’s reaction clearly shows that there is something wrong in their camp. Sadio Mane came off from the bench in their 4-2 win over Manchester United, and he was not happy with that.

After the full-time whistle was blown, the striker showed his frustration by choosing not to shake hands with Jurgen Klopp’s manager when the manager attempted to shake his hand. Jurgen Klopp insisted after the game that nothing was wrong, but obviously, something is wrong.

Sadio Mane Mad With Klopp'S Decisions 1
Sadio Mane Mad with Klopp's Decisions 3

“Sadio Mane was Disrespectful to Both the Coach and the Club” Graeme

The manager said: “It was because yesterday I changed things pretty late in training.” He also said he opted to put Diogo Jota in the team in place of Mane. The manager ended by saying his players are used to him explaining things to them, and there was no time to do so yesterday, but he believes his boys will be fine in any case.

Although the manager tried to water down the whole issue, reactions from various fans have sparked up reasons to ask questions still. Former Liverpool manager Graeme Souness said the action of Sadio Mane was disrespectful, and he was the manager he will not be happy with the player. He also said it was not just disrespectful to the manager but also the club as well.

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