Ronaldo Says Reveals Why He Replaced Coca-cola with Bottle Water

Juventus and Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo got lots of people talking about his action in their pre-match conference. The 36-year-old player took away two Coca Cola bottles placed on the table on arrival at the conference.
The five-time Ballon d’Or winner shunned away the two Coca Cola bottles kept at the table and replaced them with a bottle of water.

Drink Water Instead of Coca-cola- Ronaldo to Journalists

He advised the journalists who were reporting there that they should take water instead. Coca Cola is the official sponsor for the Euro 2020, but Cristiano Ronaldo is not a fan of soda even with that. The player does not indulge in aerated drinks, which is why he is not in the Pepsi adverts, which the likes of Messi, Pogba, Sterling and Mohamed Salah are all part of.

Ronaldo Says Reveals Why He Replaced Coca-Cola With Bottle Water 1
Ronaldo Says Reveals Why He Replaced Coca-cola with Bottle Water 3

Immediately the Juventus star player sat to attend to the press in the press conference. He immediately removed the two Coca-cola bottles, which made the head coach Santos supprised. But before that time, it has already been established that the player is always conscious about his fitness and diet, which is attributed to his performance.

He made it clear that he does not have any issue with the drink brand, but he is more concerned about his diet, which comprises six mini-meals, which consists of fruits, vegetables and clean protein. Other than his meals, if not on the training ground or on the field.

During an awards ceremony in 2020, the player revealed that he was always angry with his son whenever he sees him drinking aerated drinks and eating chips. The striker mentioned that he didn’t like his son indulging in sodas and crisps.

Portugal did well to win their opening game in the Euro 2020, their group, which is known as the group of death, is not an easy one, but they have started on a good note with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring two as they won Hungary 3-0.

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