Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (298): Femi Falana Exposes Buratai

Femi Falana Leaks Buratai’s Plan

Mazi: This Abba Kyari matter just full everywhere, e look like say na him turn to trend this week o

Egbon: See ehn, no be only this week o, him trend never start self, because FBI go still con carry am go Obodo Oyinbo, where him go talk the thing wey him know about Hushpuppi

Mazi: E don be for him o, but we never still fit conclude how the matter go be until dem allow make him self go talk him own, i hear say Femi Fani kayode self don chuk mouth put for the matter

Egbon: No mind that man, na him dem suppose dey call anywhere belle face, whether he think say FBI na like EFCC or ICPC wey go just accuse people when dem never get evidence

Buhari’s Take On Educational Qualification

Mazi: Ohh, abeg, make we open another page for inside the Newspaper, wetin Bubu dey talk here

Egbon: Our Presido don go outside the country go wash us again o, him say Person no fit succeed pass the level of education wey him get

Mazi: Ahh, how many education Bill Gate get, how many PhD Mark Zuckerberg get, him no know say School and street education no be the same, e dey possible make person do well for school, make him no do well for real life o

Egbon: God go bless you for this thing wey you talk, for the first time, you talk matter as e be, eventhough, all of us know say Education make sense, e no mean say people wey no too dey educated no go dey successful

Femi Falana Leaks Buratai’s Plan 

Mazi: Yes o, the thing wey matter pass na Grace plus Hardwork, but still i go give my pikin better education, make dem fit talk where dem mates dey talk

Egbon: Me self go make sure say my pikin go school, i just dey try talk say Bubu no get him point well, people wey no go school dey succeed

Mazi: Yes o, no amount of money wey person get, him suppose sabi how to read and write, make him mate no take corner cheat am….. wetin be the update ontop sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu self?

Egbon: Court don adjourn Kanu case till October, na Femi Falana dey talk something ontop the plan wey him say Buratai get for Sunday Igboho

Mazi: Plan kwa, which plan him get again, him no be Army Oga again now, how Igboho matter take reach him

Egbon: Femi Falana talk say Buratai ask Benin Republic government say make dem allow make him carry Igboho come Naija

Mazi: Ehn ehn, wetin dem con tell am?

Egbon: According to Femi Falana o, the Benin Republic government tell Buratai say dem no fit do anything wey no follow rule of law

Mazi: E make sense like that, na rule of law every country suppose dey follow, no be sentiment or political witch hunt

Suspected Thief Slept Off After Operation

Pidgin News (298): Femi Falana Leaks Buratai'S Plan
Suspected Thief.

Egbon: Gbam you talk am well, but wait o, today look different wan kain o, this one wey you dey talk matter as e suppose be, you no dey support APC again

Mazi: Na you carry APC membership card give me before, for your information, i no dey support any political party or politicians, my own na say make Naija better……. con see the thing wey happen to this young man o

Egbon: Him thief phone abi no be plenty phones dey him hand so?

Mazi: Him go thief phone for inside one Mosque for Benin Kebbi, na after him still the phones him con sleep before dem catch am o

Egbon: Laugh… this wan funny no be small o, abeg, make i con dey go

Mazi: Oya now

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