Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (294): Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Speaks Out

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Speaks Out

Mazi: Small small, Naija go better, no be yesterday i dey tell you say we no suppose loose hope ontop this country matter

Egbon: Yes, wey you talk say make we dey pray too even when we no see any better change for inside the country abi

Mazi: Small change don show face like this o, dem say CBN wan launch digital currency this year wey we dey inside

Egbon: Laugh… so na that one be the better change wey you wan make i dey clap for, how that currency wan take better the life of a common man, you no see the difference wey dey between Naira and Dollar for market

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Speaks Out

Mazi: Why i no go see am, I be businessman now, but how man for do, we no get option than to keep hope alive 

Egbon: No wahala, as e be say na hope we go carry go market go buy Rice, beans, garri plus other food items, make we dey carry am up and down now

Mazi: If you like carry am, if you like, dig hole bury am, i don talk my own shift mouth

Egbon: Mazi, come hear the thing wey Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo talk ontop the Pastors wey Bishop Oyedepo sack for Winners

Mazi: Bidoun Fatoyinbo, e look like say i don hear that name before o, but i no too remember where i hear am again

Egbon: Biodun Fatoyinbo na that Pastor wey Timi Dakolo wife accuse say he rape her about 20 years ago

Mazi: Ohhhh, Bidoun Fatoyinbo, I don remember, wetin him talk ontop the Pastor palava?

Egbon: Bidoun Fatoyinbo talk shey the people wey dey talk up and down go fit shout ontop social media if dem sack dem say dem no meet up their target for Bank, con later talk about how Jesus curse fig tree wey no get fruit for inside Bible

Tinubu For President

Mazi: Na fig tree be the name for inside Luke 13 vs 6 – 9′(cut in..

Egbon: Pele o Pastor Mazi, my own be say na God understand the matter pass anybody

Mazi: Yes o, e look like say na Tinubu APC wan carry for 2023 elections o, e get one of the people for the party wey talk say Tinubu don try well well for the party 

Egbon: No be lie o, that man na Jagaban true true, him don pay him dues, but make we put sentiments apart, i still dey doubt if that man get the energy wey him go fit do the job, make him case no go be like Bubu own

Mazi: You see ehn, most of these politicians matter don tire me, e just look like say na the old ones dey rotate the power

Egbon: Na why Youths suppose come together be that, if dem fit agree say dem no want these old Cargos, e possible make dem support politician wey young and still get better ideas for head

Mazi: My brother, i wish o, Imagine this Senator , dem say him name na Senator James Manager, see as him kneel down before James Ibori webi former Delta state governor

Pidgin News (294): Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Speaks Out

Man Kills Wife Over 1000

Egbon: Ahhhhh, wetin be this wan wey i dey see so, why him kneel down, no be this same James Ibori carry plenty money go Obodo Oyinbo 

Mazi: Na him o, Egbon, come o, things dey play for this country o, dem say this man kill him wife ontop 1,000 naira

Egbon: Ahhh, 1,000 naira keh, abi you no see the tory well?

Mazi: Dem say the woman webi say she don marry the man for 16 years ask the man make him pay her the 1,000 wey she borrow him, the man con turn am to fight, naso, the man knack her head for wall, kill her o

Egbon: Kai, this one get as e be o, e touch me no be small, the country hard, na why some people dey fight their partner be that, make i con dey go, we go see later

Mazi: Ok now

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