Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (278): TB Joshua’s Exclusive Interview Surfaces

TB Joshua

Mazi: Hmm, e look like say this Adamu Garba don offend some people wey him no suppose offend o, this wan don dey pass village people matter self

Egbon: Laugh.. wetin dem do Garba again, the last wan wey i hear na say dem delete him app commot for Google playstore, dem don do am another thing?

Mazi: Dem don do am strong thing o, i hear say Instagram don delete himaccount commot for their page, but i no con know why dem delete the account

Egbon: Shebi him dey talk like say Naija people no need rely on Twitter, say make dem con dey use him app before dem delete am

Mazi: Kai, some Naija people wicked o, dem say e remain make Facebook delete him account, make him go dey watch NTA

Egbon: No be lie now, me self i support the motion, but wait o, plenty people still dey talk about TB Joshua o

Mazi: Naso life be now, people no dey forget the things wey person do, na why e good to dey do better thing be that

Egbon: Na one Pastor, Primate Ayodele first talk say e no make sense as Pastor Adeboye plus other big big pastor no chuk mouth to how people dey pray say make TB Joshua rest in peace, him say CAN self no try

TB Joshua’s Exclusive Interview

Mazi: For me o, whether dem talk say make him rest in peace or dem no talk am, na the thing wey him do when him dey alive go determine where him dey go

Egbon: Yes o, i con later read wan Interview wey TB Joshua do before him pai, for inside the interview, him talk plenty things o

Mazi: Yan me small, make i take am hold body

Egbon: Him say the reason why him no like to dey show him wife plus children na because him Ministry no be family affairs, say na him God call no be him wife

Mazi: Hmmmmm, that wan deep o

Egbon: I dey tell you, him con say him no dey bother himself ontop how some people no gbadun him way o, say the thing wey matter pass na say him dey do God work and dey help people

Mazi: And na that wan dey important pass, no be to dey fly aeroplane up and down

Female Minister Steals $37m

Egbon: Him say the reason why him no dey waka up and down, na sake of say him no too like to dey show himself or do the things wey Baba God no talk say make him do

Mazi: Oil dey that man head, no be like some Pastors wey full everywhere, dem go dey run church matter like business, but, las las, na God go Judge everybody matter

Egbon: Yes o, abeg wetin dey play for inside the Newspaper wey dey your hand

Mazi: My brother, things dey happen for this country o, EFCC Oga, Bawa talk say e get wan Female Minister wey thief $37 million

Egbon: Ahhhh, and people dey shout say money no dey, plenty youths dey run commot for Naija, government dey borrow money, and one person dey thief this kain money, kilode

Death Speculations Around Tinubu

Mazi: Me self wonder when i see the tory o, the EFCC Oga talk say the Minister take the money buy some property, but him no con talk whether the Minister na before before abi she still dey government

Egbon: Whether na before before o or she still dey, God go expose all of dem, you hear say Tinubu travel go Paris go collect treament?

Mazi: I no hear o, him dey sick?

Egbon: Dem say him no well at all, some people even dey carry rumour say e look like say him don pai, but i con later see another tory wey talk say him don return to Naija

Cheating Ugandan Wife

Mazi: And some people still dey shout say na him go take over from Buhari, wetin be the difference between Bubu and Tinubu now

Egbon: Las las, na voters go decide who dem want, con check as this woman secret open yakata

Mazi: Wetin she do

Tb Joshua'S Exclusive Interview

Egbon: She do something, something con do her join, dem say she dey do plo plo with another man for Uganda, naso she con gumbody with the man when the two of dem dey do the do

Mazi: Ehn ehn, but some wife no get self control o, who con seperate them

Egbon: Dem say na the real husband con later touch something for their body before dem fit seperate dem, con carry dem go police station sha, see, i dey move

Mazi: Laugh, na wa, later now

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