Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (272): Femi Adesina Tags Buhari ‘Bully’

Femi Adesina Tags Buhari ‘Bully’

Mazi: Egbon, e look like say i go reduce the amount of news wey i dey read o, maybe, make i go face my business

Egbon: Hmmm, my brother, the matter tie rapper o, everything just look wan kain, no wonder why Obasanjo talk the thing wey him talk 

Mazi: Wetin Obasanjo talk again?

Egbon: Him talk say Naija don commot from the country wey dey flow with milk and honey, say na sadness plus bitterness con dey flow now

Mazi: Kai, Kidnapping plus killings just dey happen everywhere, ah ah, Baba God help us o

Egbon: And Femi Adesina still dey clap for Buhari o, say him like the thing wey him talk wey make Twitter delete him tweet

Mazi: Wetin Femi Adesina talk ontop the tweet?

Femi Adesina

Egbon: Him talk say e make sense as Buhari talk like that, say na Kind Bully him be, say him suppose show say him no dey take Nonsense

Mazi: Well, as much as i understand say Bubu na before before Army General, i still beleive say e get how him fit talk wey no go make people dey suspect the thing wey him mean

N6.98 USSD Charge

Egbon: I no know say you self go talk am o, imagine how him dey beg bandits, dey treat Boko Haram like King, con dey talk say him go deal with some people 

Mazi: E no suppose be like that o, i sure say Bubu self go later realise say him no suppose talk that kain thing

Egbon: Yinmu, na wetin dey him mind him don talk so, him no fit realise say him no suppose talk am like that

Mazi: You dey him mind? well, i no expect say Femi Adesina go talk something wey go make dem commot him for where him dey see food chop, wait, wetin i dey hear ontop this USSD charge

Egbon: Hmm, Mazi, e be things o, as country hard like this, bank still wan dey charge almost 7 naira ontop every banking transaction

FG To Stop Nigerian Youths From Travelling Abroad

Mazi: Ah, i see the thing when i wan transfer money to one of my business people o, i bin think say na mistake, make dem no play expensive joke o

Egbon: No be Naija we dey, dem know say people go just talk talk, move on, las las nothing go change, i con later hear say federal government bin dey plan to make sure say Naija Youths no dey travel abroad again

Mazi: Ehn ehn, which kain level be that, how dem wan do am

Egbon: The Minister of Interior, Aregbesola say the number of Youths wey dey travel commot Naija dey give government concern, say the government wan try reduce the thing

Mazi: Well, that wan no hard, if dem no wan make the youths dey run commot, dem suppose make life dey easy for the people now

Egbon: Abi o, if better job dey, i sure say people no go dey run commot for this country and still o, Sheik Gumi still dey talk say make federal government do bandits jeje

Mazi: Ohh, Gumi don talk again, but, why dem no even question this man self

South African Man Kills 4 Children

Pidgin News (272): Femi Adesina Tags Buhari 'Bully'

Egbon: Laugh, abi dem don question him ni, dem no fit do anything to that man

Mazi: Na wa oh, con check the thing wey this South African man do o, dem say him kill all him four pikin

Egbon: Ahhhh, which kain man be that, how person go kill him four pikin, wetin happen

Mazi: Dem say the man talk say him wife no dey faithful, say him dey 2 face, say the woman even carry HIV give him, him con vex kill their four pikin, bury dem near their house

Egbon: Ah, which kain thing con dey happen these days, i hope say dem don arrest the man sha

Mazi: Hmmm, dem arrest the man, carry him go court, naso court carry life prison give am o, my brother, we go see later now

Egbon: Kai, na wa oh, later now

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