Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (259): Obasanjo Collaborate With Gumi

Obasanjo Collaborate With Gumi

Mazi: This Davido guy, na man him be, I too like as the guy no dull himself since him start to dey sing

Egbon: No be lie, na man him be, but las las na Burna Boy be Odogwu and Wizzy na the Star boy

Mazi: Abeg o, no be comparison i wan do o, i just dey try commend the guy as him dey consistent with him music career, e don reach ten years wey him don dey sing

Egbon: I no compare, i just dey try remind you of their rank ni, make the matter for no loss, anyways, i clap for Davido say him dey consistent

Mazi: Abi now, consistency na one of the better key wey fit open the door to success, but these days o, people no get the patience to dey consistent o

ISIS In Southern Nigeria

Egbon: And na very unfortunate thing, patience no dey for the dictionary of many Naija youths again, come o, you don see this headline?

Mazi: Ohhh, wey talk say ISIS bin dey plan to enter Southern Nigera, if the news true na something wey suppose bother Naija government o

Egbon: I hear say na US government sama the warning, dem talk say no be only ISIS o, say Al-Qaeda self wan join enter 

Mazi: Hmmmm, make Baba God help us o

Egbon: Even Buhari still dey beg the Boko haram plus bandits people wey dey Naija

Mazi: And i hear say ISIS and Al-Qaeda dem senior Boko Haram

Obasanjo Collaborate With Gumi

Pidgin News (259): Obasanjo Collaborate With Gumi 1
Obasanjo meets with Sheik Gumi.

Egbon: Na dem senior brother o, because those people get connect well well and dem sponsor take two legs standa for ground

Mazi: God pass dem sake of say i never see the thing wey Baba God no fit do, na why dem dey talk say what God cannot do does not exist

Egbon: Yes o, Mazi, shey you remember those students wey bandits bin free some days ago?

Mazi: Yes o, i rememer dem, wey plenty Naija people dey thank Baba God say the bandits free dem

Egbon: Gumi don talk say na him and former Presido, Obasanjo follow the bandits talk before dem release the students

Mazi: Ohhh, i bin dey think say Obasanjo talk say him no support say make government negotiate with bandits, him don change mouth?

Egbon: Make we carry that one put for one side first, Gumi talk say Obasanjo follow the bandits talk, say the bandits con talk wetin dey vex dem

Mazi: So na wetin dey vex dem and why dem dey collobi innocent students?

Egbon: According to the thing wey Gumi talk, him say na Naija government the bandits dey vex for say na why dem dey try attack anything wey be government own be that

Mazi: That one no follow, so the innocent students wey dem dey carry, pai dem na government property?

Egbon: Na that wan i no understand o

Jealous Husbands

Pidgin News (259): Obasanjo Collaborate With Gumi
A survivor of acid attack in Ghana.

Mazi: Dem no get point, but wait o, why domestic violence con full everywhere like say tomorrow no dey like this

Egbon: Hmmm, the thing tire me o, and we still get plenty ones wey never come out o, which wan you see again?

Mazi: Na two i see for inside news now now o, e get one wey talk say one man for Ghana take acid baff him wife

Egbon: Ahhhh, that one na wicked man o, wetin the woman fit do wey go make him carry acid pour for her body like this?

Mazi: Dem no expplain the thingh wey the woman do, but the person wey share the tory talk say the man don first throway the woman loads for him house, the woman go her father house, later o, the man con go the father house go beg dem say na devil push am

Egbon: Their matter no dey pass devil

Mazi: E never finish o, dem say this man con enter the room wey the woman dey for her father house carry the acid pour for her body

Egbon: True true, na wicked man him be, ah ah

Mazi: The second one, dem say him carry gun shoot him wife when him see her with another man car for South Africa, the woman Pai, him con try to commit suicide

Egbon: My brother, make i con dey go, i no just understand why these bad bad things con plenty like this

Mazi: No be small thing o, we go talk later now

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