Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News: (261): Hinny Humoren’s Death Put Police Boss In Trouble

Hinny Humoren

Mazi: All these rumour wey dey fly up and down no even allow make person know who dey talk true and who dey spread fake news

Egbon: E no hard to sabi fake news, the thing wey you suppose do na to check the source where you see the tory and check am well

Mazi: Con check the tory wey make me dey talk say i no sabi who dey spread fake news

Egbon: Ohh, say Armed robbers attack Aso Rock, my brother the thing true o

Mazi: How you take know say the thing true, you dey there?

Egbon: I no dey there, but Garba Shehu don talk say the thing true, but him talk say na Foolish attempt by some people

Mazi: Ehn ehn, if na so the matter be, e get as e be o, how armed robbers go get mind to enter Aso Rock

Egbon: My brother, the thing tire me o, to make the matter worse, one of the Presidential aides, Bashir Ahmad talk say the thng na lie, later o, Garba Shehu talk say na true

Hinny Humoren

Mazi: Which kind thing be that

Egbon: E no suppose shock you now, na today dem don dey play hide and seek game

Mbaka Warns Buhari

Mazi: E no reach to shock me, how the talk talk people for Presidency no go fit talk put for one side

Egbon: Naso Baba God go dey show dem face like that, e look like say dem bin dey think say dem get too much security wey no go fit make this insecurity reach them

Mazi: This insecurity matter no be here o

Egbon: I even hear say Father Mbaka don shut don Adoration Ministry, say him wan go for private prayer, but Mbaka con warn Buhari seriously

Mazi: I think say him don warn am before

Egbon: This wan na new warning o, him talk say make Buhari dey ready to find where him go run go, say insecurity wey dey the country go soon reach the politicians for Abuja

Commissioner Of Police In Trouble Over Hinny Humoren Matter

Mazi: Ahhh, this wan don dey pass be careful o, kai, Egbon, i see one report ontop that Akwa Ibom job seeker, Hinny Humoren wey some people kill ontop say she dey find job

Egbon: Hmmm, abeg yan me the update

Mazi: E get one investigative journalist, David Hundeyin wey torchlight the matter, him con yan plenty things inside the report wey him do, so tey, him talk say the Commissioner of Police for Akwa Ibom state get hand inside the matter

Pidgin News: (261): Hinny Humoren'S Death

Egbon: Na wa oh, no wonder why Bible talk say the heart of man dey desperately wicked, which kind thing be this

Mazi: My brother, some people get wicked mind o, the journalist even talk say the matter pass how people dey look am, say e look like say na some big big Naija people wey dey take human part do business get hand inside the Hinny Humoren matter

Soldier Killed Watermelon Seller

Egbon: Ehn ehn, i don talk am say anybody wey say Naija people no go get peace no go sleep well, na so God go dey show dem face

Mazi: My brother, the talk long small, i just hope say government go fit do something ontop all the people wey get hand inside the Hinny Humoren matter

Egbon: I hope so too, na only hope we fit hope sha, i read one tory say Soldier kill man wey dey sale watermelon for Zamfara

Mazi: Ontop wetin now?

Egbon: According to the news, dem say the soldier vex say the fruit seller no give am free bunch of banana

Mazi: Ahhh, which kind thing be this now, bad bad news everywhere, make i con dey go 

Egbon: We go talk later now

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