Hinny Humoren’s Murder: Investigative Journalist Fingers High Profile Nigerians

Nigerian Independent Investigative Journalist David Hundeyin has pointed accusing fingers at high profile Nigerians suspected to be behind the murder of an Akwa Ibom based Jobseeker, Hinny Humoren.

In a report, the award-winning Journalist raised the alarm over a possible police cover-up of the murder case by the Akwa Ibom State police command under the leadership of the Commissioner of police in the state, CP Amienghene Andrew.

The Investigative Journalist noted that the killing of Hinny Humoren appears to be linked to a well-connected criminal gang of police and the Federal Ministry of the Niger Delta in Akwa Ibom.

The report also accused the suspects behind Hinny Humoren’s murder of sourcing human organs to serve politicians who believe in rituals or sell to the international black market.

David further stated that the prime suspect, Uduak Akpan placed a call through to a man identified as Kufre Effiong, a big fish in Niger Delta civil service circle. He added that both men had met at a particular place known as 58G, Ewet Housing Estate in Uyo.

He disclosed that Davok Suites, the hotel at the centre of the 58 Unit G/S.9, Unit G, Ewet Housing Estate nexus involving Kufre Effiong and Frank Uduak Akpan, is owned by Ekaette Akpabio, wife of Godswill Akpabio.

Hinny Humoren’s Murder

Hinny Humoren'S Murder: Investigative Journalist Fingers High Profile Nigerians

The Journalist further alleged that a Police Superintendent, Samuel Ezeugo, one of the officers who arrested Uduak Akpan, had a preexisting relationship with the suspect and worked in cahoots with the organ trafficking gang. had reported that Uduak Akpan, the suspected killer of Hinny, landed in fresh trouble as protesting youths discovered over twelve shallow graves after besieging the suspect’s compound.

Also, the youths discovered a skeletal bone suspected to be that of a child lying on the floor with old sag bags scattered near the graves.

The youths had earlier vandalized the building and carted away property in the compound, and handed the suspect’s father to the police after accusing him of being an accomplice (read more here).

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