Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (256): Miyetti Allah Chairman Enter Wahala

Miyetti Allah

Egbon: Everywhere you go na so so killing, kidnapping, bandits person dey here up and down, which kind thing dey happen for Naija like this?

Mazi: Wetin happen again, dem don kidnap anybody again?

Egbon: The people wey dem don kidnap no reach to talk, so tey bandits dey give federal government ultimatum, say if dem no pay 100 million naira, dem go pai the remaining Greenfield University student

Mazi: Ahhh, i bin think say dem don release the students wey remain for their custody o

Egbon: Free keh, dem don pai 5 already, con dey threaten say dem go pai the 17 students wey remain if dem no see 100 million naira by midnight today

Mazi: Kai, this matter get as e be o

Egbon: Na as Naija people still dey chew that one for mouth, na so we hear another one (cut in…

Mazi: Ahh, another one kwa, wetin happen again

Miyetti Allah

Egbon: My brother these things bin dey look like season film o, dem say some gunmen don collobi the Miyetti Allah Chairman for Kogi state

Mazi: Ehn ehn, which kind thing dey play like this, water don dey pass garri like this o, gunmen kidnap Miyetti Allah chairman

Egbon: And that Sheik Gumi still get mouth to dey talk up and down

Mazi: Wetin him talk again?

Egbon: E get one interview where dem ask am question say shey na bandits collobi those Greenfield University students, him con say no be bandits

Mazi: Na who con be those people wey collobi dem dey ask for 100 million naira?

Egbon: Him talk say those people na Boko Haram, say if na bandits, him go know

Mazi: Whether bandits or Boko Haram o, the thing wey matter pass now na say make dem free those students, to go school no suppose be crime now

Egbon: E don dey turn crime for Naija o, you know see as dem just dey carry students anyhow

Who Dey Plan Coup?

Mazi: Egbon, e look like say this civil war abi na coup dem call am don dey look real o

Egbon: You self don see another sign for that side?

Mazi: i no see sign o, na this tory wey i dey read dey make me talk so, the tory talk say DSS don warn say dem no go fold arm for anybody wey wan pour sand for inside Naija Garri

Egbon: Hmmm, you see ehn, na this government dey long things, the matter no suppose hard reach this stage

Mazi: How, e get wetin you see wey i never see?

Egbon: Na all of us dey see how the matter dey play, i don talk am before say the body of this federal government no show say dem dey ready to do the thing wey dem suppose do

Mazi: You never still hit the nail for head o, wetin dem suppose do?

Egbon: All this appointment wey dey one sided dey part of the things wey dey cause all this things

Mazi: If we check am true true, e no dey ok for government to dey favour one tribe if dem wan do appointment, but, e no suppose lead to war or coup sha

Egbon: Na why government suppose commot their shoulder pad be that, make dem fit listen to the people wey dey show anger, no be to dey threaten say dem go arrest them

27 Years Marriage Hit Rock

Mazi: Well, you get point, one thing wey i know for sure na say, both the government and the people fit siddon for round table settle this matter

Pidgin News (256): Miyetti Allah Chairman Enter Wahala

Egbon:No be lie, but government must show readiness and be sincere, Mazi, you don hear say Melinda and Bill Gates don scatter their marriage?

Mazi: Hmm, my brother i hear o, as i see the news like this, cold catch me, i con dey wonder say wetin fit happen, marriage wey no be 6 months o, 27 years years

Egbon: Me self dey surprise o, but dem no mention the reason why dem wan seperate, na only God sabi that part

Jealousy Kills

Mazi: True true, marriage no be bed of roses o and the thing no get manual, na make Baba God dey help us, con see as dem take acid scatter this woman beauty o, she say na some people wey dey jelous her do the thing

Egbon: Kai, but people dey wicked for this life sha, make i con dey go, we go talk later now

Mazi: Ok, take care o

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